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Notice the offset in the sections. And look at the colours !The Celtic Cross

 Some suggest that the Celtic cross is derived from the Chi Rho symbol popularized by the Christian Roman emperor Constantine. "Chi" and rho" are the first two letters of "Christ" in Greek, and the overlapped letters are similar to the equal-limbed cross at the centre of the Celtic cross.
  But no one is certain about where the distinctive circle of the Celtic cross came from or what it means. Among some ancient peoples, a circle was used to represent the moon, and a circle with a cross symbolized the sun.
  Thus, the circle in the Celtic cross could have been a pagan moon or sun that was appropriated by early Christians to help convert the Celtic  population.

  An Irish legend tells how St. Patrick created the first Celtic cross by drawing a circle over a Latin cross to incorporate a pagan moon goddess symbol. For an Irish Catholic, the circle in the Celtic cross may be a symbol of eternity and the endlessness of God's love. It can even represent a halo emanating from Christ.

  The symbol of four is found in the Celtic mystic spiral. This seeks to discipline the life forces, to contain them against the unknown, to help man live in the tension between love and death, ignorance and wisdom, knowledge and peace.

  The Celts loved patterns signifying man's quest and destiny. "To arrive at what you do not know you must go by a way.. the way of ignorance." 887 A.D.
Sacred development of stone originally used for fertility rites and for pledging or promising by each touching of fingers through hole in centre of cross.

La Croix Celte

Quelques-uns suggèrent que la croix celte dérive du symbole de Rho de Chi popularisé par le Constantine d'empereur Romain Chrétien. "Chi" et rho" sont le premièrement deux lettres de "Christ" dans la grec, et les lettres chevauchées sont similaires à la croix d'égal limbed au centre de la croix celte. Mais personne est certain d'où le cercle distinctif de la croix celte est venu de ou qu'il signifie. Entre quelques gens anciens, un cercle a été utilisé pour
représenter la lune, et un cercle avec une croix a symbolisé le dimanche. Ainsi, le cercle dans la croix celte aurait pu être une lune ou un soleil païen qui a été approprié par chrétiens premiers aider le converti la population celte.

Une légende Irlandaise dit comment la Rue. Patrick a créé la première croix celte en dessinant un cercle par-dessus une croix atine pour incorporer un symbole de déesse de lune païen. Pour un Irlandais Catholique, le cercle dans la croix celte peut être un
symbole d'éternité et l'infinité d'amour de Dieu. Il peut représenter même une auréole émanant de Christ.

Le symbole de quatre est trouvé dans la spirale mystique celte. Ceci cherche à discipliner les forces de vie, les contenir contre l'inconnu, pour aider l'homme habite en la tension entre l'amour et la mort, l'ignorance et la sagesse, la connaissance et la paix.

Le Celts a aimé les modèles pour signifier la quête de l'homme et la destinée. "Arriver à ce que vous ne savez pas que vous devez aller par une façon.. la façon d'ignorance." 887 ap. J.-C. Le développement sacré de pierre a utilisé au début pour les rites de fertilité et pour engager ou promettre par chaque toucher de doigts par le trou dans le centre de croix.

 Out of the mist of an ancient Celtic past...
comes a bold symbol of pride and heritage.

Celtic Cross  Beautiful marbled colours in Brazilian soapstone#1
This spectacular Celtic Cross is carved into a single piece of soapstone! That's right, no glued pieces!
It is 11 inches tall by 5 inches wide, with no other like it.


Celtic Cross is one piece of soapstone
'A black and heather green beauty'
Midnight Black Serpentine with an epoxy joined soapstone base
6 1/2 inches tall

Available for purchase at The Indian Carver's Store in Tobermory 
(The Bruce Peninsula), Canada

Sculpted, multi coloured soapstone cross

Gothic Cross
7 inches tall and 1 inch thick, hand made in one piece.
Complete with slot in back for wall hanging
Very unique sculpture 

(Gone to Korea)

Celtic Crosses
Double sided in one piece of Brazilian soapstone
3 inch tall..$50
4 inch tall..$75
5 inch tall..$100
6 inch tall..$125
other sizes are available, e-mail for prices
Celtic Crosses
Double sided in one piece of Black Serpentine
3 inch tall..$80
4 inch tall..$120
5 inch tall..$150
6 inch tall..$195
other sizes are available, e-mail for prices

All prices shown are in Canadian dollars

Order yours carved in beautiful multi-coloured Brazilian soapstone or the very finest, sparkling, Midnight Black Serpentine Stone!

A Cross requested for a wall hanging, with only one side carved, will be 50% off the above prices

Your purchase may include a style similar to those shown below marked 'Sold'.
Your commissioned piece will be similar but not exactly the same as shown, always better.
If you do not see a style you like, perhaps you have a design of your own which you would like to submit for consideration. If so, click on the e-mail address below and make your wishes known.

4 1/4 high, browns with greens..cemented and pinned base
#3 SOLD Soapstone Celtic Cross

#4 SOLD Soapstone Celtic Cross

#5 SOLD Soapstone Celtic Cross
soapstone Celtic Cross
#6 SOLD Soapstone Celtic Cross

Brazilian soapstone Celtic Cross  3 inch tall browns and greens
#7 SOLD Soapstone Celtic Cross
serpentine Celtic Cross  Very finest detail
#8 SOLD Soapstone Celtic Cross
Celtic Cross  5 1/4" tall
#9 SOLD Soapstone Celtic Cross
Celtic Cross  4 1/4" tall
#10 SOLD Soapstone Celtic Cross


Celtic Cross, Brazilian Soapstone with a Black Serpenting Base
#11 SOLD Soapstone Celtic Cross
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