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Attention collectors:

The piece you may have in your collection might be a resin casting made from a mould (by the thousands) and not of much collector value.
A simple test to determine if it is a form of resin or plastic is to heat (red hot) up a pin and push it into the bottom of the piece in question. If the pin does melt its way into the material then it definitely is NOT soapstone. Another test is to scrape some material from the bottom of the piece, if it is soapstone it should have no odour and feel like talcum powder, slippery to the touch.

If you wish to get a quotation on replacing your copy with a real soapstone piece then please send me a photo and a description of it in an e-mail.

Not to be confused with other so called 'wolf originals' being sold on the Net, e-bay and elsewhere, Jim's sculptures are not resin or fake soapstone castings!
These are each hand sculpted, one of  a kind, wolf sculptures in genuine soapstone, each signed and dated by the artist.


What's in a wolf's howl -- a calling card, a warning, or perhaps an invitation?

Walking wolf, howling

 Howling keeps packmates together, physically. Because wolves range over vast areas to find food, they are often separated from one another. A wolf's howling works over long distances. Its low pitch and long duration are well suited for transmission in forest and across tundra, and the unique features of each individual's howl allow wolves to identify each other. Howling is a long distance contact and reunion call. Separate a wolf from its pack, and very soon it will begin howling, and howling, and howling...

The wolf sculpture below was based on photographs of a living wolf whose name is 'Marion'. This alpha female, from all the photos I've seen best portrays the image of the north. Marion is much more than a one of a kind wolf, both in spirit and temperament. She is much too elusive to ever be captured in stone again.

Soapstone wolf in Brazilian soapstone. Browns, greys, blues and black.

 'Singing in the rain'

This beautiful wolf sculpture is 14 inches tall and completely one piece, including the rock she's sitting on!

This is a hand sculpted, one of  a kind, original wolf sculpture done by Jim in genuine Brazilian soapstone, signed and dated by the artist.


walking wolfwalking wolfwalking wolfwolf packwolf packwolf packwolf pack

'Twilight Serenade'

A lone wolf named Dakota, howling in the early morning mist.

Sculpted in a beautiful Brazilian soapstone, 10 inches tall.


Howling wolf in soapstone


'First howl'

Taka, the youngest wolf, joins in with the pack during an evening howl.

Sculpted in a beautiful Brazilian soapstone, 3 inches tall.

Soapstone sculpture howling wolf

Order a very original Wolf sculpture now

 Jim will work with you to ensure that you are more than pleased
with your sculpture, timely delivery and the great price.