A night in a igloo!

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We offer our customers the opportunity to discover the secrets of Eskimo life and experience a NIGHT IN AN IGLOO.

We are located only 15 minutes from Quebec City, in Lac Beauport.

Overnight guests  check-in at 8:00 PM.

For groups of 15 or more persons, we have a choice of two conferences:

-The life of the Inuits
-Trapping in Quebec

For individual guests or smaller groups we have a documentary on the Inuit.

At 9:30 PM guests visit the village of igloos.

At 10:00 PM  equipment necessary for a good night sleep is distributed to our guests.

All equipment, including igloos, are safe and comfortable.


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Other Activities available:

- Skiing (langlauf)
- Snowshoeing
- Skidooing
- Skating

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TRY IT!!!!

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