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***Updated June 22/05***

Yes, I have a beef with Creed.

Remember Pat Boone?
He was famous for doing dumbed-down, wishy-washy versions of popular songs at the time.
Creed is the Pat Boone of today, taking a sound popular 5 or 6 years before their awful debut and dumbing it down so that anyone with the IQ of a lentil will find it profound. They make me sick to my stomach.
The verdict is in! The jury, composed of Artists Against Plagiarism and Citizens Against Creed, find that Creed is guilty of crimes against music, and just flat out suck.
The sentence? 20 years of playing Meat Loaf covers and a lifetime ban on wearing those god awful leather pants for Scott Stapp.

Remember, this is what happens when rednecks want their own grunge heroes.