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December 3rd 2003:

The Tournament Schedules for Bantam, Midget, and PeeWee have been posted. Simply click on the Tournament section above and click on Schedule on the left to see when your team is playing.

YourHockeyNet is Here

The wait is over ... is now live with information for the 2003-2004 Season in District 6 - East Ottawa. You will find YOUR Team schedules, YOUR League schedules, YOUR Team & League Statistics and Messages from YOUR Team, YOUR League Convenors & YOUR Association.

Players, parents, officials and friends can use it easily ... Just follow the link to identify YOUR Team ... the next time you enter the site you will go directly to YOUR Team Home Page.

Use YOUR Hockey Net to help you and your team to have a great season


Coaches, Managers, Convenors and Association Officers can manage information on Schedules, Messages, Ice Allocation and Game Scores & Statistics. Functions include entry & editing of ...

- Schedule of Games, Practices & Special Events

- Game Scores

- Game Statistics

- Messages to Teams from Coach, League Convenor & Association Executive

- Team Name & Website URL

- Ice Management including Practice Allocation & monitoring of Free Ice.

To request authority to use these functions please send an EMail to, with cc to your Association President, indicating what Teams and/or Leagues and/or Associations you need to manage. Specifically ...

- Coaches & Team Managers should Register for Team Management Functions

- League Convenors should Register for League Management Functions

- Association Executives should Register for Association Management Functions

- Association Ice Managers should Register for Ice Management Functions

- Association Presidents should Register for Assocition & Ice Management Functions

As well various executives at the Association & District level may Register for multiple Roles - for instance, the Interlock Coordinator will probably wish to Register for League Management Functions in each Age Group.

We will then activate the functions ... The requested functions will be accessible after you LogIn under the Options Menu ... Your User ID will be YOUR email address ... Your Password will be provided as part of your first LogIn.

Please forward comments on usability, suggestions for new/improved functions and observed problems to


YourHockeyNet - Teamwork on the ice & Teamwork off the ice.

November 14th:

The Juvenile game schedule has been added and visual modifications have been made to the site.

October 27th:

I have added maps to all the Arena's where the kids play hockey. I have also added a 'printer friendly' version of the schedules in case some of you wish to print up a hard copy for yourselves. These 'printer friendly' versions are located at the bottom of each division.

If there any more additions you would like to see added, or if there is anything you would like me to remove or change, please let me know:

October 25th:

The Practice Schedule has been added for all levels (except Juvenile - when the final practice schedule is released, it will be posted), and can be found in the Schedule section.

Also, the Online Team Registration for the Tournament will be available 1 month before the Tournament date - November 19th 2003.

October 22nd:

The Regular Season Schedule has been updated for all levels (except Juvenile), and can be found in the Schedule section.

An updated list will be posted shortly to inform those of you who signed up for this year's Christmas Tournament. The response has been great!

October 7th 2003:

An Online version of the Resgitration Form is now online. Click on the Tournament section to access it.

Also, a friendly version of the Registration form is now available in JPEG format, which does not require a long time to load, or a special plugin. Hope this helps everyone!

A new section has been added named 'Rules', and another section for 'Events'.

The Rules section will list the District 6 Interlock rules.

The Events section will list any upcoming fundraisers, special occasions, or any other events that affect Minor Hockey in Vanier.

The VMHA is currently looking for the following:

  • Registrations for the Initiation (4-5-6-7 years old) and Novice levels (8 years old)
  • Exhibition games are currently being sought after. If you are a coach from and would like to schedule a game during the season, please contact us ASAP.
  • Registration Forms for new players are posted.

The Vanier Minor Hockey Association is currently looking for Parents to volunteer their time to a worthy cause - kids!

We are looking for Coaches, Trainers, and anyone else who is willing to help at games, practices, tournaments, and fund raising events.

If you or someone you know is interested, please contact one of the following people:

Positions Available:

  • Registrar
  • Ice Coordinator
  • Rules and Discipline Director
  • Coaches
  • Trainers
Registration Information

The Vanier Minor Hockey Association is currently registering kids for the 2003-2004 Season.

Click here for a registration form (printable)

The file is large, so it may take some time to open.