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Vox Feminarum: The Canadian Journal of Feminist Spirituality is published bi-annually by Across Boundaries Multifaith Institute (68 pages; ISSN 1203-3901).

Vox Feminarum is prepared with the help of many volunteers and is made possible by the generosity of our valued Donors Circle.

Vox Feminarum is a member of the Canadian Magazine Publishers Association.

GINNY FREEMAN MacOWAN (Co-ordinator & Editor) first conceived of Vox Feminarum early in 1994 and, since then, has devoted herself to making the dream a reality. A well-known feminist writer, educator, facilitator and ritual consultant, Ginny has spent more than 20 years promoting and enhancing the spiritual lives of Canadian women. Ginny's passion for creating ritual, her commitment to a feminist critique, and her love of women's story-telling feed both her personal and professional life as she co-ordinates all of the various aspects of the journal's production, publication and promotion. Ginny is now actively involved in the Steering Committee of Across Boundaries and is an Associate Editor of Voices Across Boundaries.

38-200 Elm Ridge Drive, Kitchener, ON Canada N2N 2G4
519-576-4588 (voxfeminarum@sympatico.ca)

PATRICIA CONWAY HAYWARD, born in American-Irish soil, transplanted to Toronto/Canada as a young adult/bloom. Here she has put down deep roots in a diversified seed bed -- marriage and family, church life and ministry, women's spirituality, Ecumenical Decade for Women, Romero House, and friendships. She is nourished by all these as well as her ecumenical social justice work. She believes that more creativity (especially music, singing and dancing) in our horti/culture would help us all to thrive.

135 Browning Avenue, Toronto, ON Canada M4K 1W4
416-465-2814 (hayward@pathcom.com)

JOAN DOYLE, one of the founders of Vox Feminarum, is a Catholic lay educator and an Associate of the School Sisters of Notre Dame. In addition to contributing to Vox Feminarum, Joan also works as a full-time Catholic Secondary School Chaplain, in prison chaplaincy, is active in her church community and is a single mother of two young adults. Since Vox Feminarum was conceived in 1994, Joan has been involved in the design of the journal, and has worked tirelessly in editorial, production, networking, administration, fundraising and public relations to ensure Vox Feminarum's success.

c/o 38-200 Elm Ridge Drive, Kitchener, ON Canada N2N 2G4
519-576-4588 (voxfeminarum@sympatico.ca)

HANNAH MAIN-VAN DER KAMP (Assistant Editor) was born in The Netherlands and came to Canada as a girl. She has been a teacher and administrator since the mid-sixties, specializing in the education of children who have disabilities. Her poems have been appearing in journals and anthologies for several decades. She has lived in Scotland, Ontario, Oregon and Spain. Currently, she resides in Victoria, B.C. with her musician husband.

CLAIRE TURCOTTE (Assistant Editor) has a rich background in Jungian studies, Mysticism and the Arts. She has been involved in the arts for 30 years as a visual artist and writer, and her work is in collections in Europe, Canada and the U.S. In 1986 she won an explorations grant for writing and was an Anthos poetry winner.


FREDELLE BRIEF (Advisory Circle Member) is the Director of Mosaic Programming at Vision TV.

PARIN DOSSA (Advisory Circle Member) is an Associate Professor of Anthropology at Simon Fraser University. Her teaching and research interests include anthropology of Diaspora and migration with a focus on gender, aging, mental health and disability among Muslim minorities in Canada. Her exploratory research project on the impact of development on Muslim women on the coast of Kenya has focused on life narrative approach. Much of her work has dealt with narrative ethnographies grounded in situational negotiations of life experiences. Her current work on Mental Health of elder Muslim women in Metropolis Vancouver is supported by the Centre for the Study of Immigration and Integration, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

MARY T. MALONE (Advisory Circle Member) is a world-renowned author, lecturer, historian and post-Christian feminist theologian. The former Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Waterloo and a founding member of Vox Feminarum, Mary has begun a new phase in her life journey: she has retired to her home in Ireland where she can take long walks, spend time with her family and pursue new and exciting writing projects.

ANN MORTIFEE (Advisory Circle Member) is a unique Canadian artist known throughout the world for her passionate and honest performances. She has released eight albums, written three musicals, and several ballet and film scores. She has worked as a keynote speaker for conferences on such concerns as the use of creativity in healing, sexual abuse, death and dying, environmental and women's issues. She received the Order of Canada in 1992 for her outstanding contribution to the healing and performing arts in Canada. In May of 1998, Ann was named as the new chair of the British Columbia Arts Council.

WENH-IN NG (Advisory Circle Member) is Associate Professor of Christian Education at Emmanuel College, Victoria University in the University of Toronto. She taught at Trinity Theological College, Singapore before settling in Canada, and at the Vancouver School of Theology for almost a decade before returning to Ontario, where she had previously served the United Church of Canada nationally, regionally and locally. Committed to feminist and liberative pedagogy, women's embodied spirituality, women's struggle for leadership in church and academy, and to reclaiming ethno-cultural identity in the North American context, she is a founding member of the United Church's biennial conference for racial-ethnic women, "Sounding the Bamboo" and a faculty advisor to PANAWTM (Pacific-Asian North American Women in Theology and Ministry). She has contributed articles to several books and journals and, with Kim Uyede-Kai, edited Birthing the Promise: Advent Reflections and Worship Resources from Many Cultural Realities. An ordained minister of The United Church of Canada, Wenh-In currently serves on its Committee on Sexism.

DONNA READ (Advisory Circle Member) has been working in the film industry for thirty years and, throughout that time, has been committed to securing a place for women in an almost male-dominated industry. Donna joined forces with Studio D, the women's studio of the National Film Board, soon after the Studio was formed, and was very much a part of its early struggles and its later great successes. As a working member of Studio D, Donna was influential in bringing a change of consciousness to the National Film Board. She brought a feminist-humanist perspective to the many films she worked on as editor and director outside of the Film Board, and she fought to change the hierarchy that runs rampant on the sets and in the editing rooms. Donna is also a dedicated spokesperson for the Earth. Her film, "Adam's World," changed the way many people look at the environmental crisis and was chosen to open the 1986 United Nations Conference on the Environment. Donna is best known for her Trilogy of films on Women and Spirituality. "Goddess Remembered," "The Burning Times" and "Full Circle" were made entirely by women and have been part of a significant change in the way our contemporary society looks at the history of humankind. Donna has, in the last few years, taken the Trilogy across North America speaking with thousands of men and women. She was given the Margaret Fuller-Henry David Thoreau Award for "outstanding contributions to the increased understanding of Earth-centred spirituality and its contemporary development." Across the whole spectrum of her career, Donna has given birth to, and now has raised, five kind and loving children who are also "out there," working hard to "make a difference."

LOIS WILSON (Advisory Circle Member) is an ordained minister of the United Church of Canada, and was its Moderator from 1980-82. She served as one of six Presidents of the World Council of Churches from 1983 to 1990. Lois also serves as Chancellor of Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario. She is the author of five books, three on re-telling Biblical stories from a feminist perspective. She has travelled extensively on behalf of the ecumenical community, and has a life-long involvement with issues affecting the community and the world. The Very Rev. The Honourable Lois M. Wilson, O.C., O.Ont., was appointed to the Canadian Senate on June 15, 1998, and retired from the Senate in 2002.


TIFFANY TEMPLETON (Cover Artist, Volume 3) -- bio and contact information to come.

LAURALEE K. HARRIS (Cover Artist, Volume 2) grew up Canadian, with an English, French and Irish background and, with the visit of an unknown uncle in 1994, unearthed a Native heritage of Ojibwa, Cree, Sioux, Montagnaise and Chipawyan -- a discovery which explained her solid quiet, a truth known only in her spirit. LauraLee knew at an early age that art would be the focus of her life: she studied at the Ontario College of Art, has been drawing and creating all of her life and, for the past sixteen years, has been painting. Her current work is painting the grain of wood into stories, visually expressing metaphors which are then echoed in accompanying poems.

56 Hewitt Avenue, Toronto, ON Canada M6R 1Y3
416-532-7710 (fjharris@sympatico.ca)

KATIE MARSHALL FLAHERTY (Cover Artist, Volume 1) is a woman of many talents. Mother of three young children, dramaturge, teacher, social justice worker, visual artist and community volunteer, Katie brings to Vox Feminarum an enthusiastic and affirming presence.

157 Golfview Ave, Toronto, ON M4E 2K6

BRIAN H. MacOWAN (Circulation Manager) is an urban-economic geographer who patiently joins Ginny and all of the Vox Feminarum volunteers in helping to keep the project on track. In addition to managing all of the circulation material, Brian can often be found carting boxes for conference displays, cleaning out computer space and generally "mopping up" after the creative chaos of our meetings.

38-200 Elm Ridge Drive, Kitchener ON Canada N2N 2G4
519-576-4588 (voxfeminarum@sympatico.ca)

DAVID CHODOS (Website Design & Maintenance) -- bio and contact information to come.

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