Vox Feminarum: Our Story

In 1994, Vox Feminarum was the dream of a few. Today, it is a stunning reality. Some 2,000 copies of Vox Feminarum are distributed per issue, in Canada and abroad. Many of these find homes with women who are isolated or marginalized; others are snapped up as ideal resources for those in leadership positions. Regardless of their circumstances, our readers agree -- each issue brings the vital reassurance that women of all persuasions will finally be heard:

In fulfilling its mission to stimulate dialgoue, Vox Feminarum promotes exchange among women of varied religious and personal contexts, invites a feminist critique of social and ecclesial structures, and encourages women to explore the relationships between their faith traditions, feminism, spirituality and personal experience.

The volunteer collective of women who launched the semi-annual publication of Vox Feminarum in March of 1996 made a commitment: to working together within a feminist model wherein the contributions and needs of all participants in the process were honoured and valued; to sustaining a level of journalistic excellence; to authentically representing the cultural, religious, social, economic and regional diversity of Canadian women; to challenging ourselves and our readers to a broader understanding of the many manifestations of feminist spirituality; and, to creating a community in which the stories, struggles, gifts and artistry of all Canadian women were nurtured and celebrated.

The fruits of that commitment have been many. Our readership and base of support grew with each issue, as did our reputation in the Canadian publishing and arts communities. Vox Feminarum has been consistently recognized as a quality publication which effectively crosses the many barriers facing Canadian women and which blends the deeply personal and highly public, the analytical and emotional, the mainstream and the marginal voices of women into a beautiful chorus.

Vox Feminarum is supported by a group of remarkable women who form our Advisory Circle: artist and multi-faith broadcaster, Fredelle Brief; social-justice activist Patricia Conway Hayward; anthropologist and Muslim activist, Dr. Parin Dossa; chaplain Joan Doyle; feminist theologian, author and speaker, Dr. Mary T. Malone; singer-songwriter and healer, Ann Mortifee; feminist theologian and advocate for Asian women, Wehn-In Ng; award-winning filmmaker Donna Read; and, past Moderator of the United Church of Canada, former President of the World Council of Churches, present Chancellor of Lakehead University, social activist and Canadian Senator, Rev. Dr. Lois Wilson.

The work of these women, combined with a dedicated group of volunteers and an incredible number of grassroots supporters, ensured that this "exciting new voice" in the Canadian feminist spirituality movement would be heard. However, Vox Feminarum faced ongoing financial difficulties, which eventually led to a two-year hiatus. Then, in 2002, Vox joined forces with a new educational organization with similar goals, Across Boundaries Multifaith Institute. With the added strength of this new partnership, it has resumed regular twice-yearly publication.

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