Now is your chance to become one of the many people celebrating the Voice of Women and sharing in the remarkable stories of Canadian women's spiritual journeys.


Volume 3 (FOUR exciting issues): $25.00 Cdn.*
$20.00 U.S.


Rags to Riches: Refashioning Worn Traditions into New Treasures
     Volume 1, Issue 1 (March 1996) for $3.50 Cdn./$3.00 U.S.

Earth Patterns: The Patchwork of Creation
     Volume 1, Issue 2 (September 1996) for $3.50 Cdn./$3.00 U.S.

The Body's Voice: Unfolding Our Spiritual Selves
     Volume 1, Issue 3 (March 1997) for $3.50 Cdn./$3.00 U.S.

Textures and Tensions: The Fabric of Women's Relationships
     Volume 1, Issue 4 (September 1997) for $3.50 Cdn./$3.00 U.S.

Hemmed In: Women and Boundaries
     Volume 2, Issue 1 (Spring/Summer 1998) for $5.50 Cdn./$5.00 U.S.

Creativity: Cutting Against the Grain
     Volume 2, Issue 2 (Fall/Winter 1998) for $5.50 Cdn./$5.00 U.S.

Gathering the Fragments: Writing a Life
     Volume 2, Issue 3 (Spring/Summer 1999) for $5.50 Cdn./$5.00 U.S.

Ritual Weavings: The Sacred Threads of our Lives
     Volume 2, Issue 4 (Fall/Winter 2002) for $5.50 Cdn./$5.00 U.S.

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