C-FAN: Childcare Family Access Network
Langruth, Manitoba and Area

Lakeview Children's Centre Inc.
       Sharron Arksey
       P.O. Box 152
       Langruth, Manitoba R0H 0N0
       Tel.: (204) 445-2295
       Fax: (204) 445-2055

 Gov't Hansard on Langruth Daycare
 Monsanto, UGG to support C-FAN-2001
 Rural day care provides safe place for farm kids-1999

(picture from Childcare-ppin.com)

Rural Routes. (1995). From sea to sea: A look at rural child care across Canada. Rural Routes, 2(fall issue), 4-5. Langruth, MB: National Coalition for Rural Child Care.

CRRU: National Coalition for Rural Child Care. (1994). Presentation to the Standing Committee on Human Resource and Development. Langruth, Manitoba: Author.