Langruth, Manitoba, Canada 

Langruth is named after its founders: Mr. George W. Langdon (1875-1958) and Mr. W. Judson Ruth and was 100 years old in 2009. The village of Langruth is located on the west side of Lake Manitoba, Canada. Elev: 250m. Lat: 50'40''. Long: 98'33''. It is the bird watching capital of Manitoba. The town mascot statue is a giant blue heron which heralds the arrival of bird watchers coming to see waterbirds, shorebirds and waterfowl during the spring and fall migrations and neo-tropical songbirds on the forested ridge along Hollywood Beach where piping plovers have also been observed. (2001 Street map) To view 360 degree panorama pictures, click here. A census for Lakeview can be found here.

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    Google Earth version 6 now lets you zoom in on Langruth and if you zoom in close enough to the ground, it will switch you to Google Street View (you may have to wait for half a minute). Then you can use your cursor keys on the keyboard to "drive" around Langruth. If you stop periodically, you can use the left and right keys to pan the picture left and right. If you pan right at an intersection, then press the up key, you will drive up that street. Have fun.

    OR Click on the following link to access Street View. Once there, you can click on the picture and move it left or right OR click on the arrow at the bottom of the picture and move along the street OR move the marker on the map to a new location. Street View.

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    Historical Weather of Langruth (1970-1990)

    Did you know that the maximum temperature recorded in Langruth from 1970 to 1990 was +38.0C in August and the minimum was -41.7C in February! Max Daily rain was 17.1cm. Max Daily snow was 32cm.

    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
    Daily_Max (°C) -12.4 -9.0 -1.8 8.9 17.5 22.2 25.1 23.7 17.4 10.4 -0.9 -10.2
    Daily_Min (°C) -22.6 -19.5 -11.8 -2.5 5.3 11.0 13.3 11.7 6.5 0.2 -8.9 -19.5

    For more historical weather info, click here. Source: Environment Canada.

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  • Hollywood Cairn     Hollywood Cairn Inscription
  • Langruth Along the Crocus Trail (text only) includes history of Airedale, Amana, Big Point, Hecland, Hollywood, Lakeland and Marshland
  • Langruth in 1951 by Duane Duff (teacher)
  • Manitoba Municipal Heritage Site No. 111 (Lutheran Church)
  • Mud Bogg poster (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view)
  • Obituaries
  • Post Office
  • Post Masters of Amaranth
  • Post Masters of Lakeland
  • Northern Railway Extension to Langruth
  • United Church 75th Anniversary on June17, 2001 pictures.
  • Yellow planes fly over Langruth
  • People of Langruth
  • E-Mail Addresses
  • Families, Genealogy and Surnames of Langruth
  • Obituaries
  • Reunion of Langruth families in BC
  • Pictures of Langruth
  • Pictures on Flickr
  • Pictures on Panoramio(270+)
  • More Pictures(100+)
  • Slide Show: Main Street, east side, travelling north (300K)
  • Slide Show: Main Street, west side, travelling south (340K)
  • Winter Comes to Langruth
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  • 767 planes nearly crash west of Langruth, 1999
  • Ayla Palmer of Amaranth,13, won her first talent contest in Langruth, MB.
  • Bad Luck Bank Robbers - find bank service discontinued in Langruth
  • Big Grass Marsh
  • By-Laws 17-97 re Control of Cats and Dogs.
  • By-Laws 16-97 re Pawnbroker.   Vehicle Storage
  • Canadian Flight Path
  • Census - 2006    Census - 2001
  • Daycare: Lakeview Children's Centre
  • Delta Marsh
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  • Flood overflows onto Langruth hay land-Winnipeg Free Press, May, 1997
  • Hummingbird Sightings-1998    RM of Lakeview Important Bird Area    Canadian Important Bird Areas
  • Lake Manitoba Problem
  • Langruth School - Grade 6,7 and 8
  • Library
  • RCMP
  • Real Estate-past houses for sale (Century 21)
  • Reagan Dale Neis
  • Sandy Bay Claim not accepted    Sandy Bay Reserve backround    Sandy Bay history
  • Sayings from 1959
  • Steamship Lady Blanche log book on Lake Manitoba
  • The Daily Graphic, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada
  • Tomasson, Bjarni
  • UFO Landing Site Drawing(July, 1996)
  • Whitemud Conservation District
  • Wildlife Management Area - WMA

  • Bank

    The Royal Bank was first opened in 1919. Past employees are: 1984: Doug Jago, Rosemarie Carriere, Helga Lasson, Teri Soos and Sharron Arksey. It closed it's doors April 30, 1993.

    Big Point Cemetery, Langruth, Manitoba, Canada

    The cemetery is located approximately 4 miles east of Langruth and 1/4 mile south. It was initially registered in 1913. To view a list of names in the cemetery and to see pictures of most head stones, click here.

    Lakeland Cemetery

    The cemetery is located 5 miles south of Langruth and was formed in 1900. To view a list of names in the cemetery and to see pictures of most head stones, click here.

    Langruth Cemetery

    The cemetery is located approximately 3/4 of a mile north of Langruth and was formed approximately 1927. To view a list of names in the cemetery and to see pictures of most head stones, click here.

    Langruth Marshland Cemetery

    There was once a school and a small community near this site. It is located within the Community Pasture now: about 5 miles west and 4.5 miles south. To view a list of names in the cemetery and to see pictures of the head stones, click here.

    Langruth St. Emeric (Hungarian) Roman Catholic Cemetery

    The cemetery is located 3 miles south of Langruth (Road 91) and 3 miles east. To view a list of names in the cemetery and to see pictures of most head stones, click here.


    The United Church was built in 1910 in North Lakeland and moved to Langruth in 1923. For a list of baptism, marriages, etc in the church, Click here

    The construction of the Lutheran Church began in 1929, undertaken by a number of paid workers and volunteer assistance from the church congregation. Congregation member Carl Lindal, a master cabinet builder, designed and constructed the platform enclosure and pulpit. The church, dedicated in the summer of 1930 by Reverend K. Olafson, was given the name Herdukried Lutheran church. Herdukried is the name of a mountain in Iceland and, in the Icelandic language, means Œwide shoulders.¹ In 1963, the name of the church was officially changed to Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church.

    Like other settlement groups, church construction was always a priority among the Icelandic community, most of which was of the Lutheran faith. Church buildings were of a simple design‹a wood-frame, rectangular-shaped structure with a tower and a gable roof. Buildings were enlivened with Gothic Revival elements, such as pointed arched entrances and windows and crenellated porch sections.

    On March 14, 1994, the church was designated a Municipal Heritage site. Designation Authority: The R.M. of Lakeview. Present Owner: Trustees of the Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church of Langruth. Click here for a picture.


    Wiley Law Co. built the first grain elevator in Langruth in 1916 or 1917. It was torn down a number of years later as it was outdated. The 2nd elevator, Federal Grain, was constucted in 1918. It stood until 1977. The Pool elevator was built around 1947. The Pool was moved on Dec 6, 1983 to the junctions of Hwys 50 and 16 and was run by Westroc. On Feb 5, 2002, Westroc closed the elevator at this location.


    The Hotel, or Boarding House as it was initially called, was built in 1911. It was owned by many people over the years, the first being William Lightfoot. In 2002, the Hotel was for sale. Eventually it was purchased and renovations began but soon stopped when the new owner abandoned it. In January, 2006, it burned to the ground. Being a totally wooden structure, it went quickly. It was the only place that had lodging in Langruth. It had 7 rooms, 6 baths and could sleep 11 people. The room rate is unknown, but is estimated to have been $30 in 2002. The building was 2900 sq ft. It served liquor beverages on the main floor opposite the restaurant and used to be a busy place on Saturday nights. The main room could hold 102 people. It was located on Main Street beside the old Hanneson Hardware store. The nearest lodging is now in Gladstone or Portage.


    The Royal Canadian Legion Branch #162 received it's charter on May 4, 1945. Members and their families organize the annual Decoration Day and Remembrance Day Services which include a parade to the cenotaph, a service to remember those killed in action and laying of flowers. The Legion has a pool table, shuffle board, slot machines and occasionally holds social events with entertainment and meat draws.

    New Site: A Tribute to Soldiers and Pioneers of the Langruth District   Use the Search at the bottom left of the page to find Surnames and keywords.

    Picture of Legion- 1998 (29K)

    Picture of Flag Bearers - 1992 (38K) Back row: Elvern Sorenson, Everett Schneider, Jim Clearwater, George Edgeworth, Bill Kuhn, Bert Brown, Harvey Parson. Front Row: Ileen Witt, Emil Kleemola, George Hanneson, Jim Stanley, Howard Stanley, Charlie Blair, Gordon Hall.


    Box 154, Langruth (Westlake) MB, ROH ONO, Terry Soos (has replaced Karen Dyck), 445-2030.


    Langruth does not have a restaurant since the Hotel burned down. Groceries can be purchased at the Lucky Dollar.


    On the Sunday of the long weekend in September, families of Langruth gather in Stanley Park, BC. For more information, contact Gerald Arksey at (604)943-0426.

    In July, the Olson's and related families gather in Stanley Park, BC. For more info, contact Lisa at

    Municipal Office

    The Municipality of Lakeview was incorporated in 1920. The Office is located on the east side of Main Street across from the Community Hall. Council meets every 2nd Monday in each month. (picture)

    Chief Administrative Officer: Ron Brown; Box 100, Langruth, Manitoba R0H 0N0

    Tel: (204)445-2243, Fax: 445-2162, Shop is 445-2042, E-Mail:

    Reeve: (204-445-2059): 1998: Isaac Wiebe.   2006 Reeve: Philip Thordarson.

    Picture of the first Council and other officials, 1920 of the new Rural Municipality of Lakeview, organized 1920. Front row: Magnus Peterson, Councillor Ward 3; G. W. Langdon, Reeve; Jas. M. Birnie, Councilor Ward 5; John Arksey, Councillor Ward 2. Second row: Alf. W. Law, Councillor Ward 4; George Hall, Councillor Ward 1; Thor Finnbogasson, Weed Inspector. Back row: Earl E. Davidson, Councillor Ward 6; E. Hughes, Clerk; T. Robertshaw, Assessor.

    Councillors in 1998: Ward 1: Brent Armstrong. Ward 2: Jim Rinn. Ward 3: Don Smith. Ward 4: Philip Thordarson.

    Trustees for Pine Creek School Division, Ward 1: 2000: Phyllis Thordarson. 2003: Jacqueline Robertshaw

    Picture of the 2002 Council: Ron Brown, Ward 3:Don Smith, Ward 4:Garry Hill, Ward 1:Wayne Gardiner, Isaac Wiebe, Ward 2:Jim Rinn

    Picture of the 2003 Council :Don Smith, Barbara Hill, Garry Hill, Wayne Gardiner, Isaac Wiebe, Jim Rinn. In the Pine Creek School Division, the trustee for Ward 1 is Jacquelyn Roberstshaw.

    Picture of the 2006 Council: Ward 1: Wayne Gardiner. Ward 2: Jim Rinn. Ward 3: Tom Teichroeb. Ward 4: Richard Callander. Reeve: Philip Thordarson. The new school trustee for Ward 1 is Marlene Craik.

    Lakeview Initiatives Community Development Corporation

    The Lakeview Initiatives is a volunteer group dedicated to the promotion of Langruth and the surrounding area. The group meets on the 4th Monday of each month at 7:30pm in the CFAN Central building. Everyone is welcome to attend. Mailing address is Box 129, Langruth, Manitoba R0H 0N0

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