— a HO scale Railroad belonging to George Watson of Guelph, Ontario, Canada

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The Layout

The mainline is 625 feet point to point or 735 feet loop to loop. There is also a 425 foot branch line. Track is code 100 track
nickle/silver flex.

The scenery is hard shell with plaster and rock moulds. The structures are a mixture of kits, scratch and kitbashed, with many Fine Scale Minatures and Craftsman kits Many of the trees are scratch built from golden rod, yarrow & hydrangea.

Dispatcher assigned DCC Control. Mainline is full signal operation. George is now using a car card system for operation.

The Bear Mountain Southern Pacific (B.M.S.P) railroad is a fictitious railroad modelling the upper west coast of North America in the years 1945 to 1975. It runs point to point from Lentown to Curtisville with twenty towns on the route.

George has been working on this layout for 41 years and has created an intricately sceniced railroad laid out over three rooms in his basement.

click a pic to view enlarged shot

click a pic to view enlarged shot

George holds monthly operating sessions on the last Friday of the month which generally requires 12 or more operators to run a full session — a dispatcher, three yard managers and four engineers with conductors. They use two-way radios and intercoms for communications, radio controlled throttles, computer generated work orders and a fast clock.

Sessions are always challenging and exciting with very few mishaps. Everyone has a great time followed by pop, donuts and chit chat at the end of the session.

Pictures of the new expansion can be found starting at page 13. It is a work in process.


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