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General Interest :

Caesar's of the Wilderness, Peter C. Newman, (Markham Ont.: Penguin Books, 1985).

Company of Adventurers, Peter C. Newman, (Markham Ont.: Penguin Books, 1988).

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Areas :

Bresaylor Between the Battle and the North Saskatchewan Rivers 1882-1992, (Marian Press Ltd, Box 249, Battleford, Saskatchewan).

Links With The Past: Belbutte-Bapaume, Belbutte-Bapaume History Committee, (PO Box 503, Spiritwood, Sask, S0J 2M0, 1980).

Sutton-cum-Duckmanton Parish Register 1662-1837, Edited by Pamela Kettle and Philip Riden, (Derbyshire Record Society Publications, Derbyshire, England, 1992).

Their Hopes our Heritage compiled by the Edam Historical Society.

Surnames :

Fidler :

Fidler's Journal, edited by Bruce Haig (Lethbridge: Historical Research Centre, 1990)

Peter Fidler, Canada's Forgotten Explorer 1769-1822, J.G. MacGregor (Calgary: 5th House Publishers, 1998)

Hallet :

Children of the Rivers, Heather M. Hallett, Vol 1, (Private edition, 1999).

McGillivray :

McGillivray: Lord of the Northwest, Marjorie Wilkins Campbell, (Toronto: Clarke, Irwin & Company Limited).

The North West Company in Rebellion, Simon McGillivray's Fort William Notebook, 1815, edited by Jean Morrison (Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society, 1988).

Sayer :

John Sayer's Snake River Journal, 1804-1805, Edited by Douglas A. Birk, (Institute for Minnesota Archaelogy, Inc, Minneapolis, MN, 1989).