I thought that I would add a few photos concerning my family.     

I come from a somewhat mixed background that includes Scots, English, French, and native peoples. This is a Metis flag that shows two circles running together and represents a mixed and united people. It is also a sign of infinity showing that life goes on. The blue and white colors come from the French and NorthWest Company background. The Metis who were associated with the Hudson Bay Company used a similar red and white flag.

My, ancestor, Sir William McGillivray, was the director of the NorthWest Fur Trading Company. He built Fort William at the city that is now called Thunderbay, Ontario. The Fort has been reconstructed to what it was in 1821 and it is well worth your while to visit it. Large photos of my ancestors decorate the walls and as the workers reenact the life of the Fort at that time you will be able to meet William's wife, Susan, and other people of the period.

Henry Sayers was the grandson of John Sayer who had worked for William McGillivray and the NorthWest Company in the Duluth area at the south western end of Lake Superior. His father William Sayer settled in the Red River Colony with his family. However, Henry continued the migration West in 1882 and settled just west of North Battleford in what is now known as Saskatchewan.
My grandparents, Alexander Henry Sayers and Jane Margaret Cook, had a farm near Bresaylor. The central part of the hamlet's name was taken from their family name."Little Alex" as he was known was Henry Sayer's grandson. My middle name is also Alex and my son's is Alexandre and so the tradition goes on.