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"Philosophy is written in this grand book - I mean universe -- which stands continuously open to our gaze, but which cannot be understood unless one first learns to comprehend the language in which it is written. It is written in the language of mathematics, and its characters are triangles, circles and other geometric figures, without which it is humanly impossible to understand a single word of it; without these, one is wandering about in a dark labyrinth." -- Galileo (1623)

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Logo image

The logo image appearing at the top of each page is a scaled-down version of an image that I generated using my program ConjPic. For a more detailed view of it and a summary of how I produced it, visit the Big Logo page.

Latest additions

Choosing a Web site host (12 p, 60 s) (Added 3 Feb 01.)

Is a cult more irrational or dangerous than a mainline religion? (5 p, 44 s) (Added 29 Jan 01.)

Wayne's photos page (7 p, 29 s) (Updated 2 Feb 01.) _______ Space-satellites (3 p, 38 s) (Added 21 Jan 01.)

Miscellany (4 p, 41 s) (Updated 21 Jan 01.) _______ World Map of Live Webcams (Added 9 Jan 01.)

Site contents

Preamble: Download times _____ My general interests _____ Navigation of my site _____ Design notes

About Wayne (Updated 18 Dec 00 with portraits.)

Fractals and Iterated Function Systems (IFS): (17 p, 77 s) Description, theory, and links, including the following:

Highlight of the month (Added 14 Dec 00.) in realistic fractal imagery. Please visit Web 330 and Web 335 for what I consider to be among the highest levels of achievement in the application of iterated function systems for the portrayal of natural imagery of plants, trees, landscapes, architecture, microorganisms, and some abstract imagery. Its organic modeler software, Xfrog, uses techniques of ifs, L-systems, ray-tracing (sometimes), and 3D object orientation and growth algorithms, rendered with Maya, Lightwave and other such rendering software. It puts my feeble ifs efforts to shame, but what can I say? I'll just have to try harder -- better yet, smarter!

My computer program ConjurePicture (26 p, 156 s) (ConjPic for short) for image creation using Iterated Function Systems (a branch of Fractal Geometry) and resulting images. (Updated 13 Dec 00.)

Wayne's images (4 p, 37 s) (Images added 29 Dec 00.) _______ Letters to editors (39 p, 105 s)

Fractal of the Week: http://www.hiddendimension.com/ from Hidden Dimension Fractals. (Added 20 Dec 00.)

Gripes: why things don't work well (5 p, 42 s) (Updated 3 Feb 01.) _______ Search utilities (23 p, 76 s) (Updated 21 Dec 00.)

Build a Web site and choose a Web site host (20 p, 71 s) (Updated 3 Feb 01.) _______ Favorite sites (2 p, 39 s) (Updated 24 Dec 00.)

Ken Musgrave site of algorithmic art (5 p, 43 s) _______ Clifford Pickover site _______ Humor (4 p, 38 s)

Satire (21 p, 124 s) (Updated 8 Jan 01.) _______ Ideas and speculations (12 p, 58 s) (Updated 8 Jan 01.)

Mathematics (5 p, 43 s) (Updated 8 Jan 01.) _______ Religion (13 p, 64 s) (Updated 26 Dec 00.)

Science (5 p, 42 s) (Updated 9 Jan 01.) _______ Space-satellites (3 p, 38 s) (Added 21 Jan 01.)

Miscellany (4 p, 41 s) (Updated 21 Jan 01.)


And now, for our test questions!

What time is it now, and where is the sunrise? _______ How warm is everything, everywhere, and where is it cloudy?

Can you see your house from this Soviet spy satellite? (I can see mine!) terraserver.com: http://www.terraserver.com/. If not, try Area 51!

Where is The end of the Internet? _______ How can we resolve the USA election fiasco? http://www.queenhillary.com/

Why not smile today? (Added 12 Dec 00. Subject to change often.)

Where and when can you see The International Space Station? http://www.webhart.net/hila/camp/iss.html (Added 17 Dec 00.)

How far south could you go for a winter vacation? (Added 9 Jan 01.)


The following pages are partly prepared and may be added later: Nanotechnology _______ Risk

Download times: For each of the following off-page links to my pages, the (a), print-page size, and (b), download time, are given in the format launch text (a pages, b seconds [nominal]). Are the given nominal times those for a 28 KB modem? Probably. A page (8.5" x 11") is about 25 KBytes. It helps to know, for example, that the Satire page is 21 pages long, with a nominal download time of 124 seconds (as calculated by FPXpress). This Home (Index) page is (5 p, 23 s). In my experience, the Satire page downloads in 4 seconds; however, I am connected through Bell Sympatico DSL service (as a terminal on a LAN through dedicated phone line) at a nominal 960 KBits/sec. using a Nortel 1 MByte/sec. modem.That is about 30 times as fast as a 28-KB modem.

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