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American Scientist:

Baloney.Com: (Added 9 Jan 01.)

Julian Barbour: " . . . time is an illusion. The phenomena from which we deduce its existence are real, but we interpret them wrongly. My arguments are presented in The End of Time." (Added 9 Jan 01.)

Canadian Association of Physicists: (Added 9 Jan 01.)

Complexity and the universe; Organization and Emergence in the Universe: (Added 9 Jan 01.) Many links in many fields of complexity, including:

. . . Central Sites, Genomics, Fractals and Chaos, Biological Computation, Neural Computation, Evolutionary Computation, Connectivity, Computation: Quantum/ Reversible/ Historical, Nanotechnology, Cognitive Science, Consciousness, People, Life and Evolution, Artificial Life, Life in the Universe (Astrobiology/ Exobiology), Science in General, Evaluating Web References.

Cornell Theory Center Math and Science Gateway: Provides links to resources in mathematics and science for educators and students in grades 9-12, although teachers of other levels may find these materials helpful.

Digital Sundial Patent: A digital sundial displays the current solar time in digits, words, or pictures. This device, although mathematically plausible, can not be realized in practice for several reasons. Fractals have infinitesimally small structure, which would impede manufacturing of the device; furthermore, the theorem does not yield a method of constructing such a fractal. . . (Added 9 Jan 01.)

Discover Magazine:

Dr. Dobb's Technetcast: A repository of software technology related streaming media material.Tune in and participate on codebytes, an audio talk show. Get technical with recurse, featuring in-depth presentations from the most qualified names. Or catch up on some of those conferences you missed in the events archive.

Edge: Edge Foundation, Inc. Dedicated to the Memory of Heinz R. Pagels (1939 - 1988). Science as discussed by leading researchers and writers.

EurakAlert!: Published by American Association for the Advancement of Science.


JOURNAL OF IRREPRODUCIBLE RESULTS: The Ig Nobel Prizes were instituted by the Journal of Irreproducible Results in 1968 and have continued since then with the awards of Ig Nobel Prizes for irreproducible achievements that cannot or should not be reproduced. For example, the 1992 Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony was held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and awarded the Ig Nobel Prize to Vice President Dan Quayle, junk-bond king Michael Milliken, and physicist Edward Teller. At the time, each awardee received a small frying pan-shaped medal that screams when shaken and parking passes valid in Cambridge, Massachusetts, between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. on the day after Christmas. "I recommend a regular dose of the Journal of Irreproducible Results, the funniest magazine I know." - Toronto Globe And Mail. " The Journal of Irreproducible Results is our favorite magazine." - New Scientist. "All the junk that's fit to debunk". (Added 9 Jan 01.)

Nature: Clifford Pickover home page.

Quantum Physics: Many links, including:

. . . Mystical Physics: Has Science Found the Path to the Ultimate? Victor J. Stenger To be published in Free Inquiry, Winter 1995-96. Most experts remain unconvinced by Penrose's assertion that the human mind cannot be simulated by a machine. Virtually every learned commentary on his books disagrees with most or all of his conclusions.I believe it is fair to say that Penrose has not achieved a consensus for his claims in any of a number of communities, from artificial intelligence to quantum computation and neurobiology.

. . . The Myth of Quantum Consciousness: The Myth of Quantum Consciousness Victor J. Stenger Published in The Humanist, May/June 1992, Vol. 53, Number 3, pp. 13-15. A new myth is burrowing its way into modern thinking. The notion is spreading that the principles embodied in quantum mechanics imply a central role for the human mind in determining the very nature of the universe. Not surprisingly, this idea can be found in New Age periodicals and in many books on the metaphysical shelves of book stores. But it also can appear where you least expect it, even on the pages of that bastion of rational thinking,The Humanist . In an article in the November/December 1992 issue entitled "The Wise Silence," Robert Lanza says that, according to the current quantum mechanical view of reality, "We are all the ephemeral forms of a consciousness greater than ourselves." The myth of quantum consciousness should take its place along with gods, unicorns, and dragons as yet another product of the fantasies of people unwilling to accept what science, reason, and their own eyes tell them about the world.

Radiation Information Network: Idaho State University.A goldmine of links, including:

. . . Radiation and Risk:

. . . Risks of Nuclear Power: . . . (Added 9 Jan 01.) "probabilistic risk analysis" (PRA). A PRA must be done separately for each power plant (at a cost of $5 million) but we give typical results here: A fuel melt-down might be expected once in 20,000 years of reactor operation. In 2 out of 3 melt-downs there would be no deaths, in 1 out of 5 there would be over 1000 deaths, and in 1 out of 100,000 there would be 50,000 deaths. The average for all meltdowns would be 400 deaths. Since air pollution from coal burning is estimated to be causing 10,000 deaths per year, there would have to be 25 melt-downs each year for nuclear power to be as dangerous as coal burning. . . .

Radiation and Your Environment: Florida Institute of Phosphate Research, 1986.

ScienceDaily: ScienceDaily is unique in that the magazine's articles are selected from news releases submitted by leading universities and other research organizations.

Science Magazine: Published by American Association for the Advancement of Science

Science Now: Published by American Association for the Advancement of Science

Science Resources on the Web (via Hundreds of links, more than 500 in Chemistry alone.

Science Tracer Bullets Online: Library of Congress Science Tracers Bullet series is comprised of bibliographic guides designed to help persons locate published materials on a particular subject in the field of science and technology about which they have only a general knowledge.

Scientific American: News and science by categories. Review of SciCentral (a part of by The Lancet . Formidable and Timely Science Resource: SciCentral is an easy-to-navigate metasite that is a gateway to thousands of online resources grouped by science area -- e.g., biological, health, physical and chemical, policy and ethics, earth and space, and engineering. In addition, it offers an excellent array of links to sources of breaking science news, research highlights, and special reports from the websites of -- among others -- BBC News, New Scientist, American Physical Society, NASA, Discovery Online, and the American Psychological Association. Special features include resources for teaching science in schools, links to academic programmes and institution locators, and a Media Room that provides selected audio/video broadcasts related to science and technology. A free, weekly E-mail update service allows users to select from over 120 topics, including a wide range of medical specialties. - Marilynn Larkin, August 1999 - It also has news from Nature.

Skeptical Inquirer: The Magazine for Science and Reason. Space exploration. News, searches, and images.

UniSci News Net: UniSci was the first science daily news site on the Web, and remains the only one that selects stories based on their scientific importance. As a result, UniSci counts many laboratory scientists among its readers. UniSci is also the only science news site with a fast, convenient search engine built in. As of this writing, there are just over 2,500 searchable articles archived. Could add to Desktop.

UpsideToday: The tech insider. Upside covers key business issues and trends affecting high-tech companies in computing, software, telecommunications, and e-commerce.

The World of Richard Dawkins: Evolution, science and reason. This web site is unofficial, and Richard Dawkins is NOT associated with it. It is useful to click on the editorial philosophy of this excellent site (or click ). The 100 Top Network. Top 100 sites in each of more than 60 categories, including:

. . . 100 Top Science Sites (via From the 100 Top Network, Top 100 sites in Science.

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