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One of the major powers of the Internet is the ability to dig out information on a vast array of subjects. The amount of search engines available for use has grown over the years. Therefore, we decided to present you a list of search engines. This is so you might find the one Search Engine, tailored to your needs.

AltaVista Free Multilingual, queries entered as simple Questions
AnyWho Free Finding Current Telephone Numbers (USA)
Canada 411 Free Finding Canadian Telephone Numbers
Ask Jeeves Free Plain Language Queries
BugNet Cost $US Tracking Software Bugs
Company Sleuth Free Information On Companies
CompareNet Free Pre shopping Research or comparison shopping
Deja News Free For Finding Information in the Usenet Communities
Dogpile Free Master Searching of Web, Usenet and News Sources
Dow Jones Cost $US Database of Proprietary Information Not Available on the Web
Electric Library Cost $US Research Across A Wide Range of Publications
Encarta Free Basic Encyclopedia Research
Excite Free Broad Searches of the Web
Google Free Getting Up-to-date Results Fast
GoTo.COM Free Searching for Commercial Sites
Hoover's On-line Cost $US Researching Companies
HotBot Free Advanced, Time-Sensitive Searches
InfoSeek Free Filtering Adult Content
KnowX Cost $US Searching Public Records of Business and Individuals
Lexis-Nexis Cost $US Searching Professional Databases and Articles Not Open to the Web
LYCOS Free Searching for Graphics, Music Files, and Other Specialized Content
Microsoft Network Free Searching With Multiple Engines
Microsoft's Knowledge Base Free Troubleshooting Microsoft Products
MySimon Free Detailed Comparison Shopping
NetCenter Free Various Search Engine Access
NetLibrary Cost $US Finding and Downloading E-Books
Northern Light Free Combined Searches of the Web and Pay-Per-View Articles
SupportHelp.COM Free Finding Tech Support Sites / Phone Numbers for HIgh-Tech Companies
Switchboard Free Finding Phone Numbers, Email, Addresses, and Neighborhood Attractions
Total News Free Locating Newspapers and TV News Sites
WebMarket Free Combing Through On-line Product Catalogs
Yahoo Free Narrowing Search Results Category Before You Start Searching
AllTheWeb Free Fast, Accurate Searching on Wide Range of Subjects
Raging Search Free A Powerful Search Engine From Alta-Vista
With much thanks to PC WORLD Magazine.

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Updated: 1 July 2000