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Current Issue Wegway 8: Cover by Flint Genari,


Wegway, the magazine of Primary Culture.

Wegway is an artists' magazine published twice a year in the Spring and Fall. Artists and other culture producers often want to publish things that don't fit into the formats of most art and literary magazines. Wegway provides print access for these unique and important projects.

There are no restrictions on content - Wegway is free and wide open. It is a venue for artists and all culture-producers to say or do whatever they want.

Wegway gives artists direct media access - their ideas are not filtered through the prose of professional critics and interpreters. This is an art magazine that doesn't review shows; we don't have an at-the-galleries section. What you'll find instead, is painters, sculptors, curators, composers, poets, photographers, filmmakers, architects, designers, choreographers, multi-media artists, comic artists and other primary culture producers presenting their own work and expressing their own views. This is not the place for secondary literature. View some examples on the Back Issues page.

Past contributors come from all over the world. They include (in word-string alphabetical order):

Aaron Straup Cope, Adrienne Redd, Agnes Denes, Alison Owen, André Questcequecest, Andrew Szatmari, Artists Anonymous, August Highland, Becky Singleton, Ber Lazarus, Bernard Bloom, Beth McCubbin, Betty Kaser, Blair Ewing, Bob Gulley, Brad Brace, Brian Joseph Davis, Brian Kipping, Cartoon Logic, Chris Ballantyne, Chriseddy, Chris MacDonald, Christian McLeod, Christina Reid, Cinqué Hicks, Craig Leonard, Darren Barefoot, Davida Kidd, David Cheung, David Fujino, David Griffin, David Lester, David McClyment, Dixon, Don Bonham, Doug Fishbone, Duane Locke, Ehryn Torrell, Elizabeth Fearon, Elizabeth Mackie, Emily Armstrong, Fang Tong, Flavio Belli, Flint Gennari, Frances Ward, Froilan Vispo, Gabrielle de Montmollin, Gary Michael Dault, Heather Champ, Heather Horton, Hendrik Mallmann, herman de vries, Isabel Martinez, Istvan Kantor, Jamie Osborne, Jaret Vadera, Javier Tellez, Jay Critchley, Jennifer Linton, Jeremi Bialowas, Jess Dobkin, Joan Frick, John K. Grande, John Scott, Joy Garnett, Judith Donoahue, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Karen Eliot, Keith O'Donnell, Kenji Siratori, Kim Simonsson, Lanny Quarles, Lindy Roy, Liz-n-Val, Margaux Williamson, Maria Gould, Mark Daniel Cohen, Mark Laliberte, Mark Prier, Matt Harley, Matt Siber, Mauro Ceolin, Melanie Scott, Michael Stipe, Michiko K., Nancy Stevens, Nicole Liao, Oscar Camilo De Las Flores, Paul Grajauskas, Paul Lambert, Peter Lamont, Peter Owen, Peter von Tiesenhausen, Philip Kitt, Randall Packer, Randall Stoltzfus, Ramond St. Arnaud, René Price, Richard Kirkley, Richard Kostelanetz, Rick Taylor, Rick Vincil, Ri Tian, Robert Gill, Robert Lederman, Robin Hesse, Ron Martin, Ross Racine, R. Prost, Ruth Tait, Sarawut Chutiwongpeti, Seak Mac, Sherwin Tjia, Simon Høegsberg, Skip Mendler, Stewart Home, Steve Armstrong, Steve Rockwell, Sue Bracken, Susan Bozic, Susan Gold, Susan Lukachko, Teruhisa Tahara, The Phantom Captain, Tim Sullivan, Todd Macfie, Tommy Campbell, Tony Brooks, Wayne Bertola and Wm. F. Krendall. There will be many more

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For phynancial reasons, as Ubu would say, Wegway will be hibernating for a while.

Effective immediately, we will not accept any new subscriptions and there will be no more juried exhibitions.

For the time being, back issues and other stuff will remain available for purchase.

Basically it's over, and that's it then.

If you want to see what I'll be doing, go to Steve Armstrong

I'm grateful to many people for their help and support. I'd like to specifically mention:

Becky Singleton, Brian Kipping, Fran Hill, Gary Michael Dault, John Scott, Juno Youn, Meredith Dault, Paul Hogarth, Paul Smerek, Ron Martin, Steve Rockwell, Stewart Pollock, Ruth Tait and my loving and supportive family: Irene, Emily, Maxine, Caroline and Heather.


Steve Armstrong