Early Bretts of Co. Sligo, Ireland

The purpose of these pages is to tabulate some research on the early Bretts of Co. Sligo, Ireland (before about 1900). County Sligo appeared most often in the Griffiths Valuation for the surname Brett or Britt, according to the accompanying table of the Distribution by County of the Name Brett or Britt.

The  people on these pages split into two  groups; those Bretts that came with the Taaffes to Co. Sligo in the early 1600s, and those Bretts that appear in the Civil Registration about the middle of the 1880s. Any assistance in connecting the two groups would be appreciated. We also indicate which families have been the subject of research.

Bretts of the 1600s, as recorded in Sligo Histories.

Bretts of the 1700s, as recorded in Memorials of Deeds, and other records.

Bretts of the early 1800s, as recorded in Spinning Wheels Premium Lists, Voters Lists, Tithe Applotment, Griffiths Valuation

Bretts of the late 1800s, as recorded in the Civil Registration of Marriages, Births and Deaths, and Church Registers.

Some Brett Family Trees

Some Eminent Bretts and their Descendants.

Anecdotal Information about some Bretts of Sligo.

Bretts in neighbouring counties.

What's new.

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