Albert Abraham Lawson Cuffe

Albert Abraham Lawson Cuffe was born in Attinaskollia, Kilasser, Co. Mayo, Ireland on 2 May 1895, the son of George Lawson Cuffe and Kate Brett of Dunowla, Kilmacshalgan, Co. Sligo. He married Kathleen Winnifred Palling in Barrie, Ont. on 23 July 1923 and died in Barrie on 24 March 1969. He was a pioneer in Canadian aviation.

Cuffe emigrated to Manitoba, Canada, and enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force in 1914, and joined the Royal Flying Corps. He was one of the first instructors in the Canadian Air Force in 1920 and rose through the ranks of the Royal Canadian Air Force. At the beginning of World War II he was a member of the Air Command for Air Staff, with the rank of Air Commodore. Subsequently he was placed in charge of the Eastern Air Command of the Royal Canadian Air Force with the rank of Air Marshall. Among other tasks, the Eastern Air Command hunted U-boats, and provided escort for Atlantic convoys. Air Vice Marshall Cuffe retired in Halifax in 1944.