The B & B Retreat:

A Place to Escape for the Weary





Stress Buster  lounge


Welcome to the retreat where you can rest and immerse yourself in the resources that can allow you to recharge. Wander into the comedy lounge for some needed belly laughs, linger in the guided imagery lounge for some rest and chew on a little mind candy as you self reflect or you peruse the resources from the site. 


I am dedicating this website to all my weary colleagues who need a refuge from the daily stresses they experience. As I reflect over the years, I have listened to countless narratives from fellow nurses with the same underlying theme that are feeling overwhelmed with stressors and at the same time experiencing less support sources.


Comedy lounge





Who Am I?

I hope this site will provide you with the links to resources that may help you to find your way to self healing. Click on the animations and icons to get around.

Self Reflection Lounge








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