Click image to go to Website Each year during the month of December, children learn songs and skits to perform a special Christmas program for their parents and the community.

JUNIOR YOUTH (Grades 6-8)

Every year, our junior youth Sunday School class studies two to three books which address topics specifically pertaining to this unique age group. Scripture reading, open discussion, games, visual art and other exciting activities reinforce the issues that we tackle. Our main goal for this class is for them to learn more about God and to further their relationships with God through a variety of learning formats.

Junior Youth and Youth also take part in larger group events with the three other Mennonite churches in the area. Read on to find out about these joint activities:

YOUTH GROUP (MYF: Grades 9-12)

The high school age youth group meet twice a week. Tuesday night bible studies encourage youth to look at various aspects of faith, including topics like: prayer, sex, alcohol, homosexuality, peer pressure, peace and justice.

Youth Ministry Pastor Job Description

But that's not all folks!!!

Our weekend activities are often unique, but very exciting. From different service projects to picture scavenger hunts to Trick-or-Can and many, many more... ANYONE is welcome to come and join us!

We look forward to seeing you soon!!!

*Please see This Week's Events and Upcoming Events to find specific dates and times for children and youth activities!





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