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    Hi...I'm john from Hamilton, Ontario...I fix  all kinds of Electronic Equipment...& have some 15 years experience...I've allways wanted to fix Tv's...when I was a kid and the service man came to fix our sets...interest grew...later I went to college to learn electronics and get into this field..
and to my surprise, the instructor at school turned out to be the service man from those years earlier...funny eh?...anyways...electronics and technology is fascinating and it's all around us...but we take it for granted too we just throw the broken stuff away and just buy a new one...So many sets for example, Tv's are lost which might have been classics' & could have been historical and valuable...I too am guilty but sorry I sold some sets in the past which could have been part of a collection...I have a few and will never sell them...unless someone offers me good money...? long as I know they won't be distroyed...   well I like to keep those old sets going...if they're repairable...and if YOU need
 Any electronic-stuff repaired...I'll fix it cheap...anything more usually means it's not repairable or may not be worth it for you...
  I also recondition most all home electronic equipment...especially Colour TV's...

so  Please contact me by phone or email  for service and/or any technical advice you need... or questions, comments you may have...or maybe you have an old pre 1971 ColorTv you want or need to part with?... -for some cash..?...or tell me about your old TV set...I'm interested
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 **********************       John Bryla          **************************************************************
  **********************    543 Ferguson Ave N.       **************************************************************
                                                    Hamilton, Ontario, L8L-4Z7
                                                        tel: 905-521-0430
                                       Electronic Technician: ask for - john
ESR Meters are a MUST for electronic repair     These hand held signal generators are designed for         This VGA Plus below is actual-size
They will find any bad capacitor in the circuit          testing computer monitors - another handy toy             has 14 settings including a scan

      TV Links :                                             

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 Auman Museum of Radio & Television - museum of old tv's...lots of them! of tv's and radio's...from Ohio
 Ed Reitan's Color Television History - good site on the history of color tv, pictures, info, time lines, and broadcasting
 Eldorado Country Vintage Television - a personal web site, nice collection
 Old Television Website - pictures and info...a U.K. site
 Kevin's Vintage TV's - personal site has nice collections
 Radiolaguy - all about old radio's and tv's...Restoring, buy & sell services, resources... show case museum
 Mikey's Vintage TV Page - lots of  Tv pictures & info...from U.K.
 Television History-The first 75 years - pretty good TV history time line & info...well done
 Vintage Television - another U.K. site...restorations and detailed pictures, info, tv collection, old commercial adds
 Early Television Foundation - huge TV museum!...with tons of pictures and discriptions...a must see site... also open to the public from Ohio
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 Channel One Vintage TV Museum - buy, sell, rent , restore old tv's, convert B&W sets to color, picture museum...

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                       TV Chassis mid 1950's                                                 1977-80 color tv from the Czech
                      with a RCA 15" Pix tube                                                        but it still has tubes!...?


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