Canadian QRP Award

Sponsored by VA3JFF

This award is designed to encourage QRP operations by recognizing the accomplishment of completing low-power communications with the thirteen Provinces and Territories of Canada

C.Q.A. Recipients List


  • QRP is defined for the purpose of this award as not more than 5 watts CW or 10 watts PEP SSB
  • Contacts need _NOT_ be confirmed by QSL cards. If the contact was made, it may be counted for this award
  • To receive the certificate, send basic log data for the 13 contacts to the address below. Please include US$3.00 or CDN$5.00 or 5 IRCs for each certificate requested
  • Each certificate is sequentially numbered, as well as being numbered by country and province/state/call area
  • Endorsements are availalbe for SSB, CW, Digital Modes, QRPp (less than one watt), 2-way QRP and all contacts ina single day.. Endorsements can be added to the original certificate order at no additional cost. Endorsement stickers are available at any other time for US$1.00 or CDN$1.00 or 1 IRC. Each endorsement is individually numbered.
  • Certificates are printed in colour on 8.5 x 11 inch paper and can be framed using a standard certificate frame
  • All contacts must be made after 25 January 1972, so check your logs and see if you meet the requirements
  • Mail to:
                Canadian QRP Award
                c/o Jeff Hetherington, VA3JFF
                139 Elizabeth St. W.          
                Welland, Ontario           
                Canada L3C 4M3

Email questions can be sent to VA3JFF

1996-2009 L. Jeffrey Hetherington


Nova Scotia (VE1 & CY0 & CY9)        Quebec (VE2 & VA2)
Ontario (VE3 & VA3)                            Manitoba (VE4)
Saskatchewan (VE5)                              Alberta (VE6)
British Columbia (VE7 & VA7)              North West Territory (VE8)
New Brunswick (VE9 & VE1)               Yukon Territory (VY1)
Prince Edward Island (VY2 & VE1)      Newfoundland (VO1 & VO2)
Nunavut (VY0)

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