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Rose Hardiness Reports » Rosebank

State/Province: Ontario, Canada
City: Lambeth (just outside of London)
Zone: Can 6b; US5

Date of Inspection: May 17 , 2003
Min Winter Temp: _____________

Home Thermometer or Reported: -26C, -10F
Max Windchill: -37 C, very wind-swept locale

Your Name/ Optional: Rosebank
Exposed Canes (Yes, No): Both

Winter Protection Used: Many roses had small mounds over their bases. All were planted with bud union at least 2" below grade. Most climbers were taken down from their supports and covered on the ground.

The most interesting comment on those roses that lost canes was that it was invariably the oldest canes killed.

Percentages represent die-back.

Variety Name Group Damage Observed
None, Snowline+, Crown, Dead
Protected - Yes or No
Recovery Results
Excellent, Good, Poor, Dead
Agnes Rugosa Old canes E
Alexander MacKenzie Shrub Old canes E
Single Red Climber Cl Crown, real named owned by another G
Amy Robsart Sweet Briar 60%, old canes E
Agnes Rugosa Old canes E
Alexander MacKenzie Shrub Old canes E
Single Red Climber Cl Crown, real named owned by another G
Amy Robsart Sweet Briar 60%, old canes E
AB Test Rose Shrub 0%, standard, unreleased from Jerry Twomey E
Atlantic Star Cl To hill G
Aurora Prairie 0% E
Autumn Damask (Rose of Castile) Damask 95% G
Ballerina HM Ground E
Betty Bland Prairie 0% E
Bibi Maizoon Eng Snowline G
Blanc Double de Coubert Rugosa 75% E
Blaze Cl 80%, covered G
Blenheim Eng 90% E
Blossomtime Cl Crown G
Canary Bird Old canes E
Carefree Beauty Shrub Snowline E
Charles de Mills Gallica 80% G
Chianti Eng Old canes; 70%of new canes G
City of York Cl Crown, covered E
Complicata Gallica Ground, hilled G
Conrstance Spry Eng Cl 20%, covered E
Dance de Feu Cl OK, cane covered E
David Thompson Shrub Older canes E
Dover Eng Just above snowline G
Dr F L Skinner Prairie 0% E
Dr Harry Upshall Rugosa 50% E
Eddie's Jewel Shrub 0-10% E
Eglantyne Eng snowline G
Excelsa Cl 20%, covered E
F J Grootendorst Rugosa All old canes damaged E
Fred Loads Shrub Snowline E
Freisinger Morgenrote Shrub Snowline G
Georg Arends HP Snowline G
GeorgeVancouver Shrub Old canes E
Gloire de Dijon Cl Almost killed P
Goldbusch Shrub Snowline G
Graham Thomas Eng Snowline E
Greenmantle Sweet Briar 50%, mainly old canes E
Harison's Yellow Shrub 0% E
Hazeldean Prairie 0% E
Heavenly Rosiland Eng Crown G
Helen BlandPrairie 0% E
Henry Hudson Rugosa All old canes E
Henry Kelsey Shrub Old wood E
Henry Martin G- Moss 60% G
Jacqueline de Pre Shrub Snowline G
Janet A Wood Shrub Snowline G
Jeanne Lajoie Mini Cl 50%, covered E
Jens Munk Rugosa All old canes; 0% on new canes E
Jim Lounsbery Shrub 0%, covered G
John Cabot Shrub 50%
John Davis Shrub 80% G
Kakwa Shrub 0% E
Konigen von Danemark Alba 50% E
Lady Penzance Sweet Briar Old canes; new 30% E
Lilian Austin Eng Ground G
Louis Riel Prairie 0% E
Madame Hardy Alba Snowline G
Malcolm Sargent HT Snowline G
Marie Bugnet Rugosa 0% E
Marjorie Fair HM snowline G
Martin Frobisher Shrub Tip E
Mary Rose Eng Below snowline E
Metis Prairie 10% E
Morden Fireglow Shrub Snowline G
Morning Mist Eng Snowline G
Mozart HM Snowline E
Mr John McNabb Prairie Dead Dead
Morden Blush Shrub Ground G
Mrs Oakley Fisher HT Crown G
Nearly Wild Shrub Snowline E
New Dawn Cl Crown, covered G
Nozomi Shrub Snowline G
Opening Act Mini Dead Dead
Patricia Macoun Prairie All old canes, partially covered E
Paul Neyron HP Dead Dead
Paul Transom Cl 50%, covered E
Paul's Hym Musk 60%, some spruce cover E
Pele Cl snowline E
Penelope HM To ground E
Phyllis Bide Cl Snowline, covered G
Polstjarnan Cl 0% E
Poppius Spinossisima 0% E
Prairie Youth Prairie 0% E
R Acicularis 0% E
R Blanda 0% E
R Eglantaria 50% E
R Foetida Bicolor (Austrian Copper) Tip E
R Foetida Persiana 0% E
R Gallica Versicolor Snowline G
R Glauca 20% E
R Hugonis 0% E
R Nutkana Old canes E
R Pimula 0% E
Renee Andre OK, covered E
Roberta Bondar To hill G
Robin Hood HM Ground E
Rosarium Utersen Cl To hill, covered G
Salet G Moss 95% G
Sally Holmes Shrub Snowline G
Schneewerg Rugosa 75% E
Seafoam Cl 80%, covered G
Seager Wheeler Prairie 0% E
Sir Thomas Lipton Rugosa 50% E
Skinner's Red Prairie Snowline E
Soliel d'Or Cl To ground G
Stanwell Perpetual Spinonissima Old canes E
Suma Shrub Damn near dead P
Survivor Shrub 60% E
Suzanne Spinonissima- Prairie 0% E
The Alexandra Rose Eng Snowline E
The Fairy Polyantha To snowline E
Therese Bugnet Rugosa 0% E
Tradescant Eng Crown G
Vielchenblau Cl 30%, covered but no on ground E
Wasagame Prairie 0% E
Westerland Shrub Snowline E
Wildflower Eng 90% E
William Baffin Shrub O% E
Winnipeg Parks Shrub Ground G
Zeus Cl 0%, covered E

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