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Rose Hardiness Reports » Marian and John Obeda's Garden

State/Province: Ontario, Canada
City: London
Zone: Can6b; US5

Date of Inspection: 3 May, 2003
Min Winter Temp: -25 C

Home Thermometer or Reported: -19 C
Max Windchill: unknown

Your Name/ Optional: John Obeda's Garden
Exposed Canes (Yes, No): Yes, All

Winter Protection Used: deep planting; some with a 3" layer of oak leaves

Please Write Comments For Any Variety That You Feel May Warrant Them On A Blank Page
Percentages represent die-back.
With rare exceptions, there are no HTs or FLs reported. All died to the mulch or snowline. No deaths, except for one or two 1st year cuttings.
London is situated in a valley. Roses listed in this micro-climate are not exposed to the drying winds of areas around the city.

Variety Name Group Damage Observed
None, Snowline+, Crown, Dead
Protected - Yes or No
Hardiness Data
Hardy, Snowline, Mulch, Crown,
Recovery Results
Excellent, Good, Poor, Dead
Abraham Darby Eng 40% Hardy E
Alfred de Dalmas Moss 20% Hardy E
Altaica Pimpinelifolia Spinosissima 0% Hardy E
Austrian Copper R foedida Dead No Dead
Ballerina HM 2 bushes: 30 & 80% Unprotected Hardy E
BlancDouble de Coubert Rugosa 0% Hardy E
Bonica Modern Shrub 20-25% unprotected Hardy E
Boule De Niege Bourbon 60% Hardy E
Buff Beauty HM Snowline G
Cardinal de Richelieu G 0% Hardy E
Carefree Wonder Modern Shrub 20% Hardy E
Champlain Kordesii 0% Hardy E
Charles Albanel Rugosa 0% Hardy E
Charles de Mille Gallica 20% Hardy E
Clair Matin Cl 10% Hardy E
Compassion Cl Snowline G
Complicata G 0% Hardy E
Comte de Chambord Portland 10% Hardy E
Conditrum G 0% Hardy E
Cornelia HM Snowline G
Country Dancer Modern Shrub 25% Hardy E
David Thompson 20% Hardy E
Dortmund Cl. Kordesii 10% Hardy E
Dublin Eng 10% Hardy E
Erfurt Shrub 60% Hardy E
Escapade Fl 2 plants: 50 & 90% Hardy & Snowline E
Evelyn Eng 100%, almost dead Crown P
Fair Bianca Eng Snowline F
Fanton Latour G Centifolia 30% Hardy E
Felicitie Parmentier Alba 0% Hardy E
Ferdinand Picard HP unprotected Snowline G
Fisherman's Friend Eng 90% Snowline G
FJ Goodendorst Rugosa 0% Hardy E
Frau Karl Drushki HP 2 plants: 20 and 70% loss Hardy P - has never liked pruning
Fru Dagmar Hastrup Rugosa 0% Hardy E
Frulingsgold Pimpinellifolia Tip Hardy E
Gertrude Jekyl Eng 40% Hardy E
Golden Wings Pimpellifolia 10% Hardy E
Graham Thomas Eng 30% Hardy E
Hansa Rugosa 0% Hardy E
Harrison's Yellow Pimpellifolia 0% Hardy E
Hazeldean 0% Hardy E
Henry Hudson Rugosa 0% Hardy E
Heritage Eng 25% Hardy E
Iceberg Fl 40% Hardy E
Jacques Cartier (Marchese Bochella) Portland 0% Hardy E
Jens Munk Rugosa 0% Hardy E
John Cabot Kordesii 0-5% Hardy E
JP Connell Modern Shrub 30% Hardy E
Kazalik G Damask 0% Hardy E
La Belle Sultane Gallica 0% Hardy E
Laura Ford Cl Snowline E
Lavender Dream Modern Shrub unprotected Snowline E
Louise Odier Bourbon 30% Hardy E
Metis 0% Hardy E
Mevrouw Nathalie Nypels Polyantha 90% To snowline E
Mme Isaac Perriere Bourbo 100% To ground G
Morden Blush Modern Shrub 0% Hardy E
Mountbatten Fl 100% To mulch P
Mutabilis China 100% Crown G
New Dawn Cl Tip Hardy E
Nuits de Young G Moss 0% Hardy E
Othello Eng 10% Hardy E
Parkfever Modern Shrub 0% Hardy E
Paul Neyron HP Unprotected Snowline E
PerpetualWhite Moss Moss 50% Hardy E
Persian Yellow R Foetida Persiana 0% Hardy E
R Blanda 20% Hardy E
R Carolina 0%; suckering everywhere Hardy E
R Eglantaria Caninae tip Hardy E
R Glauca 0% Hardy E
R Pendulia 0% Hardy E
R Rosea 0% Hardy E
R. Nitada Carolina 0% Hardy E
R. Primula Pimpellifolia 0% Hardy E
Redoute Eng 40% Hardy E
Reine de Violettes HP 10%, tip unprotected Hardy E
Robusta Rugosa 20% Hardy E
Rosa Mundi G 10% Hardy E
Rose de Resch Portland 10% Hardy E
Roserea de l'Hay Rugosa 0% Hardy E
Sharif Asima Eng 10% Hardy E
Sir Walter Scott Eng 10% Hardy E
Sombreuil China tea 90% Snowline G
Souvenire de la Malmaison Cl Bourbon 20% Hardy E
Sparriesshoop Kordesii 75%; some canes remaining Hardy E
Spectra 100% To the ground G
Stanwell Perpetual Pipinellifolia Tip Hardy E
Surrey Procumbent 50% Snowline E
The Apothecary Rose Gallica 0%; suckering everywhere Hardy E
The Fairy Polyantha 30% Hardy E
The Gift 0%; pruned with hedge clippers Hardy E
The Herbalist Eng 10% Hardy E
The Pilgrim Eng 100%, almost dead Crown P
Thersa Bugnet Rugosa 0% Hardy E
Tuscany G 0% Hardy E
Veilchenblau Synstylae- Multiflora Tip Hardy E
Warm Welcome Cl. Miniature Some die-back Hardy E
Wingthorn R Sericea pterancantha 50% Hardy E
Winnepeg Parks 40% Hardy E
Wm Baffin Kordesii 0% Hardy E
Yesterday Fl 90% To mulch E

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