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Rose Hardiness Reports » Paula Martin's Garden

State/Province: Ontario, Canada
City: St.Thomas
Zone: US5, Can6b

Date of Inspection: May 17 , 2003
Min Winter Temp: _____________

Home Thermometer or Reported: -26C, -10F
Max Windchill: ______C or _______F

Your Name/ Optional: Paula Martin's Rose Garden
Exposed Canes (Yes, No): Yes

Winter Protection Used: bud unions planted 2-4" below grade, some mounded

How can one say a rose is hardy if it is a once a year bloomer and killed to the snowline? One can have a rose recover for the season, but never see a bloom.

Percentages represent die-back.

Variety Name Group Damage Observed
None, Snowline+, Crown, Dead
Protected - Yes or No
Recovery Results
Excellent, Good, Poor, Dead
Agnes Rugosa 0% E
Alba Maxima Alba 0% E
Alba Meiland Shrub Tip E
Alchemist Shrub 85%, one time bloomer P
Alfred de Dalmas G Moss 100%, nearly dead P
American Beauty HP To mound  
Amy Robsart Shrub 20% E
Autumn Fire Shrub 95%  
Ballerina HM Snowline E
Baltimore Belle Cl 50% E
Baron Giron de l'Ain HP 60% E
Barrone Prevost HP 50% E
Bobby James Cl 50% G
Bonic Shrub 60% E
Buff Beauty HM To ground G
Carefree Beauty Shrub 60% E
Carefree Delight Shrub 80% E
Cerise Bouquet Shrub 80%  
City of London Fl Snowline E
Clothilide Soupert Poly To soil mound E
Conrad F Meyer Rugosa Tip E
Constance Spry Eng 30% E
Cornelia HM Snowline G
Crested Moss (Chapeau de Napoleon) G Moss 40% G
Daylight HM Soil G
Dorothy Perkins Cl 60% E
Dr W Van Fleet Cl 50-90% on two plants E
Duplex (Wooley Dodd's Rose) R Pomifera Duplex Tip E
Else Poulsen Fl Snowline E
Emanuel Eng To soil mound G
Evelyn Eng 100%, to the ground G
Fanton Latour G Centifolia 20% E
Felicia HM 50% E
Felicite et Perpetue Cl 100% P
Jouanville Cl 70% E
Frau Karl Drushki HP 100% P
Georg Arends HP 100% G
Golden Wings Shrub 95% E
Great Maiden's Blush Alba 10% E
Gruss an Aachen Fl To soil E
Gypsy Boy Bourbon 40% E
Harrison"s Yellow   40% E
Hawkeye Belle Shrub 70% G
Henry Nevard HP Soil G
Kazanlik Gallica 0% E
Koenigin von Danemark Alba Tip E
Lady Penzance Shrub 30% E
Leverkusen Shrub 50% E
Lord Penzance Shrub 20% E
Louise Odier Bourbon Ground H
Madame Plantier Alba 20% E
Moonlight HM Soil G
Morden Blush Shrub 40% E
Morden Centenial Shrub Snowline G
Mrs John Laing HP 90% G
Nevada Moyesii 50% E
Paul Neyron HP Dead Dead
Paul's Hym Musk Cl Tip E
Pink Perpetue Cl Soil G
Prairie Harvest Shrub 100%, some chance of recovery P
Prosperity HM Tip E
R Brunonii   Tip E
R Gallica Officinalis   40% E
R Hugonis   30% E
R Moyesii   10% E
R Moyesii Superba   20% E
R Multiflora   0% E
R Nutkana   50% E
R Rubifolia   0% E
R Sancta   50% E
R Virginiana   Tip E
Rambling Rector Cl 60% G
Reine de Violettes HP 70% E
Reine Victoria Bourbon Dead Dead
Rosa Mundi Gallica 20% E
Rose des Peintres G Centifolia 30% E
Simplicity Fl Soil G
Sir Thomas Lipton Rugosa 40-80% on 2 bushes E
Sissinghurst Castle Gallica 20% E
Souvenier de la Mailmason Bourbon Snowline G
Stanwell Perpetual Spinossima 0% E
Sympathie Cl Soil G
The Dunwich Rose   Tip E
The Fairy Poly 70% E
The Garland Cl 100% G
The Pilgrim Eng Soil G
The Squire Eng Soil G
Therese Bugnet Rugosa 0% E
Tradescant Eng Soil G
Trier Cl 10% E
Tuscany Gallica Tip E
Veilchenblau Cl 40% E
Westerland Shrub To ground E
Winchester Cathedral Eng 60-70% E
Wm Shakespeare Eng Soil G
Zepherin Drouhin Bourbon 100% E

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