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Date: 1 March 2003
Quarterly Meeting

President Steve Elkerton welcomed 23 members and guests including Elizabeth Engolfsrud of R.R.#1 Port Burwell and Elizabeth Helmer of R.R.#6 Tillsonburg, to Rose-A-Lea Gardens, a cut rose business in Mt.Brydges. Jake Bulk was thanked for hosting our meeting.

Approval of the Annual General Meeting Minutes
Motion: To accept the changes to the minutes submitted by Harry McGee.
1. 2nd paragraph under Old Business: Replace sentence starting “It was reiterated” with “By show of hands, the members of the Society expressed confidence in the handling of the financial records of the Society, and accordingly it was decided not to go to the expense of having an independent financial examiner examine the books at this time.”
2. 2nd paragraph under New Business: Replace the last sentence with the following: “Next year, the nominating committee will consider a suggestion made by Marian that the incumbents the 1st and 2nd Vice President positions be changed.”
3. Immediately following should be added this sentence: “The report of the Nominating Committee was received.” No other nomination follows.
4. After Bill Lovelock, add “Carried.”
5. After Alan Whitfield, change the last sentence to: “This Board meeting was then terminated. Then the Annual General Meeting was reconstituted and continued.”
6. There is an “a” ending “Isabella”.
7. After “sixteen with colour’, please reduce it to “He told how it got started and how the circulation grew. Because of its wide established circulation, it was offered to National-Roses-Canada for $1.00, Fred paid tribute to the magazine.” End of paragraph.
8. After the MoA sentence, please add “This is a legal requirement.”
9. “Bellerose” is one word. And it’s pH. Also Rosa multiflora. After “prewashed”, it is to be “wired in bundles of 25”.
10. The last paragraph about Jason should read as follows: “Jason’s wife, Kara, has a florist shop at 50 Queen St. in Tilbury. He had several of her arrangements of artificial flowers with him, and he offered one for a draw. Joan Moriarty was ready with tickets and it was won by George Rae. The others were for sale. Jason also had some yellow roses from her shop for sale. Jason reported that Paul King found a white sport of ‘Heritage’ a few years ago and the Austin organization has agreed to register it as ‘Rose Marie’ after Paul’s wife.”
11. The last caption should be “Termination” and the last line should be “Basil Kelly moved that the meeting be terminated.”
Bill Lovelock’s e-mail address is (after the hyphen, it is the letter “l” and then the number “1”).
Seconded: Bill Lovelock. Carried

Treasurer’s Report Bank Balance 1 November 2002 $1,274.92
Memberships 115.00
Interest on Account 0.11
Service Charge 2.00
Balance 1 March 2003 $1,388.03

Motion: To accept Allan Whitfield’s report. Seconded: Harry McGee. Carried.

Report on Activities a. The Pickering confirmed the orders of everyone but Harry McGee. He will telephone when the roses arrive in April. Lloyd Megerlef will help sort out the orders in Harry’s garage.
b. Harry reported that the N-R-C (National Roses Canada) has encouraged the formation of a new society for northern British Columbia, Yukon, and the Northwest Territories, which includes a member in Dawson City. The N.R.C. bought the Rosebank Letter on 25 February 2003 from Harry for $1.00 The next issue is on 15 March 2003 and will be entitled “Roses Canada” with a new masthead but the same content. Harry is the representative for this area. Subscriptions will be paid to the treasurer in Regina. There will be assistant editors for each region. Rosarians in Quebec, Lloydminster, and Prince George have been approached about organizing.
c. The Elgin County Master Gardeners will be holding their annual gardening information day, “Digging in the Dirt”, on 12 April at 9:00 a.m., Ebenezer Christian School, 77 Fairview Avenue, St.Thomas. The society will be represented.

New Business
a. Membership renewals.
b. Harry has the Classic Roses catalogue for miniature roses. Delivery is in May at his house. He also has last year’s Select Roses catalogue. Delivery of minis from here will be at the same time.
c. The bus tour is on 2 July 2003 for the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Ozog private rose garden, which contains over 320 Canadian varieties, in Langford. The cost is $50.00 with 26 or 28 seats already booked. Members have until 15 May then anyone can reserve a seat. Dinner is at the White Horse Tavern near Paris. There are extra tickets for the R.B.G. The society is being charged $6.00 per person. There may be a guided tour. Lunch is your responsibility.
d. The society has a new e-mail address,, since Bigfoot wanted money. Fred’s son, Wayne, has offered to help Steve set up a web site. A ‘.org’ costs $10 to $20 per month; therefore, will be used since the cost is nothing (it is covered under our president’s Email account). It should be ready next week.

Show and Tell
a. Stratford Garden Festival: ‘The River Runs Through It’. 10.00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. from 6 March to 9 March. $6.00 at the door. There will be two or three speakers per day.
b. The World Rose Society Convention is 16 July in Glasgow, Scotland. There is a tour of England the week prior.
c. ‘Botanica’s Roses’ is available on-line from Chapter’s/Indigo for $35 plus shipping. It is not available in the stores.
d. Regional Rose and Flower Shows. The society will continue sponsorship with a year’s membership and $10 prize money.
Sarnia: 21 June (possibly) at the Lambton Mall.
Lambeth: 25 June at the United Church (intersection of No.4 and
London: 27 June at White Oaks Mall.
St.Thomas: 28 June at Ebenezer Christian School, 77 Fairview Ave.
Aylmer: 9 August at the Aylmer Fair.
Tillsonburg: 22 to 23 August at the Town Centre Mall.
e. Old Garden Roses are the easiest to root from cuttings. ‘Nevada’ and ‘Stanwell Perpetual’ are almost impossible. Cuttings need to be taken from newer canes. This is only a problem with very hardy roses that tend to keep their canes through winter. Steve has a printout available from a web discussion.
f. Photos were on display from last year’s visit to the Niagara Botanical Garden and Ray Hopkins in Stoney Creek.
g. A new rose book has been published: ‘Roses for Ontario’ by Laura Peters and Liz Close, Lone Pine Publishing, Edmonton, AB, $25. Harry donated a signed copy to the society. Ms.Klose will be at Canadale’s, St.Thomas in April. A copy was given to Mr.Bulk.
h. Ms. Ingolfsrud and Ms.Helmer have joined the society.
i. Motion: To thank Harry McGee for his work in establishing the Wm. Saunders Rose Society. Seconded: Marian Obeda Carried.

Confirmation of Next Meeting
The bus trip is 2 July. On 20 September, the society will be meeting at Metcalfe Gardens, St.Thomas and then will visit Diane Vaughan’s Garden on Sunset Drive.

Moved by ( I did not record who it was). Occurred at 2:33 p.m.

The aforementioned minutes are, to the best of our knowledge, an accurate account of the meeting of the Wm. Saunders Rose Society.

Richard Cartwright, Secretary

Approved by Steve Elkerton, President

Distribution: all members, patrons, citation holders, and honorary members.

Tour of Rose-A-Lea Gardens
It was formerly used as a tobacco farm. Coconut fibre is used to amend any heavy soil. Along the interior walls, Stephanophis is grown to supply weddings. There are 36 different rose varieties with red being the most popular. There are only four “benches” left from when the greenhouse was started in 1988. About every five or six years, the bushes are replaced. This depends on their popularity and vigour. Most varieties are from Europe. They are grafted onto “Natal Brier”. Heat is supplied through hot water in the floor and steam along the walls. High pressure sodium lights are used. A computer controls the CO2 levels. Drip lines supply water. There is less mildew due to sulphur vapour being released four hours per night and blackspot is rare because the air temperature is heated before sunrise. Rainwater (pH 0.6) is collected in ponds. A lower ph will increase root growth. Roses are cut twice daily. It takes four to six weeks for the next crop. A machine bunches 20 stems at a time. The following varieties were being grown:
Akito (white), Delilah (lavender, Intermediate), Chica (coral), Escimo (white), Espirit, Exotica (orange-red, Sweetheart), Feria (yellow edged red, Int.), First Red (red), Frisco (yellow, Sweetheart), Gabrielle (red, Sweetheart), Gypsia, Gypsy Curiosa (Orange-pink, Int.), Hocus Pocus (red-yellow), Leonidas (colour like Chicago Peace, Tea variety), Limona (green tinted white, Tea), Medeo (flesh-coloured), Poeme (rose-pink), Red France (deep red, Tea), Sara (medium pink), Sasha (red), Sunbeam (orange-red), Yellow Island (yellow).

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