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Date: 1 November 2003
Annual General Meeting

The meeting started at 1:16 p.m. at Trinity Anglican Church, Lambeth.

1. Welcome. President Steve Elkerton welcomed members and guests including Alice Herbert, George Herbert, Harry Tribit, and Dick Tuftdale.

2. Approval of the 20 September Meeting Minutes with an amendment, on page 2, in paragraph 6 (d), "reassigned" should be changed to "re-instated" and add "John F. A. Smith and Elizabeth Ingolfsrud recommended sending letters to the City of London in favour of roses in the garden complex and Aleksandra in her original position". Moved: John F. A. Smith. Seconded: Harry McGee. Carried.

3. Treasurer's Report.
Bank Balance 2 November 2002 $1,290.19
Total Receipts 3,240.97
Total Expenditures 2,518.15
Balance 1 November 2003 $2,013.01
Motion: To accept Allan Whitfield's report. Moved: Paula Martin. Seconded: Fred Kristoff. Carried.
Motion: To appoint financial examiners. Defeated. Moved: Jennifer Grant. Seconded: Richard Cartwright.

4. Report on Activities
a. Summer 2004 Bus Tour. The society may be going west next year. The tentative date is Wednesday, June 30, 2004. The tour destination is likely to be Great Lakes Roses. Steve has been in contact with the nursery and provided a printout of their 2003 rose list. There are O.G.R.'s, Explorer, Parkland, and other shrub roses but no Large-Flowered roses. An order would have to be made and inspected in advance. The tour will also include a stop at Michigan Mini's and the private garden of Tim Taylor who has over 1,000 roses on five acres. Citizenship papers may be required by the American government by next summer.
b. Palatine Order. Fred Kristoff supplied three rose lists plus a letter including varieties in short supply. Many of the varieties were carried by Pallek Nurseries, It is the only Canadian source of 'Baron Edmond de Rothschild' (H.T., Meilland, 1968) used by Larry Lougheed for breeding. Fred will pick-up your order in April and it must be bareroot.
c. Pickering Order. Harry McGee sent the order the Monday following our September meeting. He will be sending a special separate order. Delivery is at his residence in mid-April. He will notify you when it comes in.
d. N-R-C. There is a new member of the federation, the sixth. Harry visited the Calgary Rose Society on 16 October and spoke on 'Canadian Hybridizers'. President Mathew Mitchell gave him $100.00 as dues to the national group.
e. Memory Garden, Pinafore Park, St.Thomas. Richard Cartwright had a meeting with Ross Tucker (Parks Dept.) and Don Beleutz (Memory Garden Foundation) with the society's offer of ten hardy Canadian shrub roses. There were questions of disease and insect resistance, survivability, and maintenance. Richard has sent them a letter answering these concerns and is awaiting a reply.
f. Feedback on E-mail delivery of minutes. Everyone who supplied an e-mail address received them except Elizabeth Ingolfsrud. Members were satisfied.

5. New Business a. Membership and membership fees. Motion: "To continue membership fees at the same price. $10.00 individual and $15.00 family". Moved: Marilyn Davenport. Seconded: Basil Kelly. Carried.
b. Report of Nominating Committee for directors and officers. The following will stand for re- election for 2004: Richard Cartwright (St.Thomas), Stephen Elkerton (London), Jennifer Grant (Lambeth), Fred Kristoff (Aylmer), Bill Lovelock (Sarnia), Harry McGee (Lambeth), George Rae (Tillsonburg), and Alan Whitfield (London). John F. A. Smith (Stratford) has been nominated. Submitted by Steve Elkerton, Jennifer Grant, Fred Kristoff, and Harry McGee.
c. Election of directors for 2004. There were no other nominations from the floor. The slate was elected as presented.

6. Adjournment

7. Meeting of new directors (2004) for election of officers. The following officers were chosen: Steve Elkerton, President; Jennifer Grant, 1st vice president; Fred Kristoff, 2nd vice president; Richard Cartwright, Secretary; and Alan Whitfield, Treasurer.

8. Resumption of Annual General Meeting.

9. Show and Tell.
a. Hortico Order. Steve ordered several varieties including 'Angela' (Kordes, 1984), 'Leander' (Austin, 1982), and the McCartney Rose (Hybrid Tea, Meilland, 1991). They were very good plants.
b. Roses which are still looking good in the garden. 'Aachener Dom' ('Pink Panther', H.T., Meilland, 1982), 'Abraham Darby' (Austin, 1985), 'America' (Climber, Warriner, 1976), 'Blanc Double de Coubert' (Hybrid Rugosa, Cochet-Cochet, 1892), 'Cécile Brünner' (Polyantha, 1881), 'Escapade' (Floribunda, Harkness, 1967), 'John Cabot' (Explorer Rose, Svejda, 1978), 'John Claire' (Austin, 1994), 'Mountbatten' (Flor., Harkness, 1982), 'Papa Meilland' (H.T., Meilland, 1963), 'Robin Hood' (Hybrid Musk, Pemberton, 1927), R.moschata plena, 'Sunsilk' (Flor., Fyer, 1974), 'Sutter's Gold' (H.T., Swim, 1950), 'The Fairy' (Polyantha, Bentall, 1932), 'Westerland' (Flor., Kordes, 1969).
c. Molineaux's letter. Steve came across a cute story on the Roses Forum Website. It ended with the statement "down with Hybrid Teas, up with Austins".
d. Rose canes. Some damaged canes were on display. There was some frost damage with cane gall, which should be trimmed back, but if it occurs at the crown, then the whole bush has to be removed. Steve cut 'Chrysler Imperial' (H.T.) to the ground and did not get rust this year.
e. Name tags. Motion: "The society thanks Sarah Kelly for the rose photograph name tags". Moved: Marion Obeda. Seconded: Steve Elkerton. Carried.
f. Basel Kelly brought a bucket of manure which is available to gardeners at a very good price.

10. Harry commended Paula Martin, who retired from the Board of Directors, for four great years of service to the society.

11. Plaque presentation. Trinity Church Rector Elaine Clark received from Harry McGee a brass plaque with the engraving "This blackout curtain is presented to Trinity Anglican Church in Lambeth on November 1, 2003. It is given in tribute to my grandfather Harry Pigeon, 1878-1958, who was a working member lifelong in the Church of England, at Harrow, Ontario. - Harry McGee-".

12. Herber & Co. presentation. Four carrousel slide projectors (two for dissolves), three screens, a control board, and taped music were used expertly to give a beautiful colour impression of Harry McGee's garden and the Butchart Gardens in British Columbia. Each lasted about fifteen minutes. Not only were there close-up's of different rose varieties on Harry's property but outstanding tall bearded irises. The views of the Butchart Gardens included the many annual beds. The Stratford photographers order Fuji slide film in bulk. Telephoto lenses and tripods are used for sharpness and to obtain a narrow depth of field.

13. Confirmation of Next Meeting. On 6 March 2004, the next Quarterly Meeting will take place in Sarnia at Zehr's Supermarket. 'Rose Gardens of the World' will be presented by Bunny Skran from Saginaw, Michigan.

14. Many thanks were offered to Alice, George, Dick, and Harry for the slide presentation. Thanks were also given to Evelyn, Marilyn, Cheryl, and Ruth for making available Trinity Church Hall and providing refreshments.

15. Termination. 3:00 p.m.

The aforementioned minutes are, to the best of our knowledge, an accurate account of the meeting of the Wm. Saunders Rose Society.

Richard Cartwright, Secretary

Approved by Steve Elkerton, President

Distribution: all members, patrons, citation holders, and honorary members.
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