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Date: 6 March 2004
First Meeting of the Year in Sarnia

The meeting began at 1:15 p.m. at Zehr's Supermarket, Sarnia.

1.Welcome. First Vice President Jennifer Grant chaired the meeting due to illness in President Steve Elkerton's family. Jennifer welcomed members from the Sarnia area, director Bill Lovelock, and guests including Bunny Skran and her husband, Dale, from Saginaw, Michigan.

2. Circulation of catalogues during the meeting. Members were asked to initial their choices and print their name at the back of the catalogue that they were ordering from. The following catalogues were available: Classic & Select Roses (Spring 2004 delivery) and Great Lakes Roses (pick-up on the June bus trip). April 16 is the delivery date for the Pickering order at Harry's. He will call when the roses can be picked-up. Mr. Schraven personally took care of the order at the nursery. Four roses were unavailable: 'Dolly Parton' (for Al Whitfield), and 'Champlain' (for Jane McCall, Rodney). 'The Colour Purple', a mini by Brad Jalbert of Select Roses, is on the cover of the March issue of the Journal of National-Roses-Canada.

3. Approval of the November 2003 Annual Meeting Minutes. Moved: Fred Kristoff. Seconded: Diane Vaughan. Carried.
br> 4. Treasurer's Report. Bank Balance 1 November 2003 $2,013.01
Memberships 385.00
Bank Interest .52
Total Receipts 385.52
Postage, Speakers, etc. 538.68
Bank Service 4.00
Total Expenditures 542.68
Balance 1 March 2004 $1,855.85

5. Report on Activities of National-Roses-Canada. There is a new Society at Conception Bay South, a new municipality in Newfoundland. Susan Saunders is the founder. Attempts are being made in Halifax and other places. At the January board meeting, certain projects were prioritized.

6. Horticultural Society Shows. Stratford Garden Show, Coliseum March 11-14
London & Middlesex Master Gardeners, Lambeth United Church March 27
Elgin County Master Gardeners, St.Thomas Community Christian School April 3
St.Thomas Show, St.Thomas Community Christian School June 19
Lambeth Show, Lambeth United Church June 23
London Show, White Oaks Mall Cancelled
The Wm. Saunders Rose Society will have a table at both Master Gardener events.

7. The 30 June, 2004 Bus Tour. The bus leaves Hwy 73 and 401 at 7 a.m. and Sarnia at 8:30 a.m. The cost is $50. Citizenship papers such as passports preferably or at the least picture identification and a birth certificate have to be taken along. Members will have to purchase health insurance themselves for the day. The Edsel and Eleanor Ford House at Grosse Point (one hour) will be included in the trip. Also the private garden of Tim Taylor who has over 1,000 roses on five acres and the Great Lakes Roses display garden.

8. A mailer is to come with details on pick-up times and places for the bus tour, dates for the late July meeting at Pieper Nurseries, and a member survey.

9. There was a misprint in the last issue of the bulletin. The meeting at Greenbelt Farm will be the Summer of 2005 not 2004. However, John Drummond, its owner, dropped-off current catalogues which were distributed at the meeting.

10. Other Business.
a. National-Roses-Canada. A bilingual pamphlet has been produced. Harry is distributing it to horticultural societies. It includes a subscription form for the Journal.
b. Rose Photo Nametags. These were available for pick-up by members who did not attend the annual meeting.

11. Bunny Skran's Slide Presentation. Mrs.Skran was introduced by Harry. She is a well-known member of the American Rose Society and is former chair of the Old Garden Roses Committee. A booklet listing the roses in her presentation was handed out: 'Adelaide Courtoise' (H.Gal.), 'Albertine' (Large Flowered Climber, 1921), 'American Pillar' (Hybrid Wichuraiana, 1902), 'Amethyst' (HWich., 1909), 'Andre Leroy d'Angers' (H.P., 1862), 'Anisely Dickson' (F., 1984), 'Anna Oliver' (Tea, 1872), 'Arabella' (H.T., 1918), 'Augusta Louise' (1999), 'Baronne Prevost' (H.P., 1842), 'Baroness Rothschild' (H.P., 1868), 'Brother Cadfael' (Austin, 1994), 'Buff Beauty' (Hybrid Musk, 1939), 'Charles De Mills' (H.Gal., before 1746), 'Dollar Rose' (H.T., 1936), 'Dublin' (H.T., 1982), 'Elisnack Kiese' (HWich., 1909), 'Esmeralda' (H.T., 1981), 'Falstaff', 'Fatin-Latour' (Centifolia), 'George Martin' (H.P., 1908), 'Golden Rain' (F., 1951), 'Golden Wings' (S., 1956), 'Happy Days' (H.T, 1932), 'Iced Ginger' (F., 1971), 'Ingrid Bergman' (H.T., 1984), 'Jacques Cartier' (Portland, 1868), 'Joelle' (H. T., 1986), 'Johanna Ropcke' (HWich., 1931), 'Julia's Rose' (H.T.,1976), 'L.D.Braithwaite' (Austin, 1993), 'Leonardo Da Vinci' (F., 1993), 'Louis Philippe' (Ch., 1834), 'Loving Memory' (H.T., 1983), 'Magnifica' (H.Eg., 1916), 'Mary Rose' (Austin, 1983), 'Medallion' (H.T., 1973), 'Mermaid' (Hybrid Bracteaca, 1918), 'Minette' (A.), 'Montour Pourpe' (G., 1923), 'Old Blush' (Ch.), 'Orleans Rose' (Pol., 1909), 'Paddy Stevens' (H.T., 1991), 'Paganini' (HMusk., 1989), 'Parade' (LCL, 1953), 'Park Wilkelmshohe' (H.Gal.), 'Paul Kadolozique' (HMult., 1912), 'The Portland Rose' (P., 1809), 'Prince Eugene de Beauharnois' (H.P., 1864), 'Robert Perpetual' (P., 1856), R.arkansas, R.filips Rehder-Wilson (1908), R.kordesii wulff (1952), R. gallica versicolour, R.muliganii (1917), R.pedulina, R.sempervirens, R.sericea pteracantha (1890), 'Saint Ethelburga' (Shrub, 2003), 'Sappho' (A., 1817), 'Sir Edward Elges', (Austin, 1995), 'Souvenir de la Malmaison' (B., 1843), 'Sparrieshoop' (Shrub, 1953), 'Village Maid' (C., 1845), 'White Flight' (HMult., 1923), 'York and Landcaster' (D.), 'Zephrine Drouhin' (Bourbon,1868).
Among the gardens she visited were David Austin's (Albrighton), The Europa Rosarium (Sangerhausen), Guiness' (Dublin), Huntington Public Gardens (San Marino, Cal.), International Rose Garden (Portland, Oregon), Kordes' (Sparrieshoop), Monet's (Giverny), National Arboretum (Washington), Oxford University (New College), Parc de Bagatelle (Paris), Pat Henry's (Laurens, S.C.), Peter Beales' (Attleborough), the Royal Botanical Gardens (Burlington and Syndey), R.I.N.Z., R.N.R.S. (Belfast and St.Albans), and Tantau's (Uetersen).

12. Termination at 3:04 p.m.

The aforementioned minutes are, to the best of our knowledge, an accurate account of the meeting of the Wm. Saunders Rose Society.

Richard Cartwright, Secretary

Approved by Steve Elkerton, President

Distribution: all members, patrons, citation holders, and honorary members.

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