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Date: 24 July 2004
At Pieper's Nursery

The meeting began at 1:25 p.m. at Peiper Nursery, Dorchester.

1. Welcome. President Steve Elkerton welcomed members and nursery owner Chris Peiper

. 2. Approval of the 6 March 2004 Quarterly Meeting Minutes. Moved: Harry McGee. Seconded: Fred Kristoff. Carried.

3. Treasurer's Report.
Balance 1 March 2004 $1,855.85
Bus Trip 2,650.00
Membership Dues 35.00
Bank Interest 0.33
Total Receipts $2,685.33
General Expenses 348.66
Partial Bus Trip 1,711.31
Bank Service Charge 8.00
Total Expenditures $2,067.97
Balance 24 July 2004 $2,473.21
Dues were sent from the society to National-Roses-Canada (do not appear on the treasurer's statement).

4. Report on Activities
(a) Spring Planting of roses from Classic, Palatine, Pickering, and Select Nurseries. The bushes from Pickering were not up to expectations. The order was late and hand-delivered. It came in May and consisted of poor stock. The nursery is moving to Port Hope. Palatine roses were picked-up (no mail order) and were fine. It is great stock, the same as the old Palleck Nursery. Classic and Select Roses were on time.
(b) Report on Activities of National-Roses-Canada. Charitable status is still not available. Harry considered this not to be fair because the Royal National Rose Society and the Canadian Rose Society both have status. The treasurer resigned due to poor health. Ray Hopkins of Stoney Creek has taken over the job.

5. Show and Tell.

(a) Discussion of Growing Season: similarities and differences between members' gardens. This has been the best growing season in the last four or five years for the London-St.Thomas Region. Sarnia has also had plenty of rainfall. There is black spot and mildew now, depending on the variety.
(b) Hortico Nursery Sale, 1-10 July 2004. Steve went down to Waterdown and picked-up several varieties. The roses were $6.00 and perennials $0.73 (4 in. pots).
(c) 10 Classic Roses. Only Hybrid Tea (Large-Flowered) roses were included in the list at an internet website.
1. Peace
2. Chrysler Imperial
3. Tiffany
4. Mr. Lincoln
5. Fragrant Cloud
6. Tropicanna
7. Double Delight
8. Queen Elizabeth
9. Crimson Glory
10. Gold Medal & Chicago Peace
(d) Best and Worst Cutting Roses: available from our librarian and secretary, Richard Cartwright
(e) Other. Members were interested in buying the Griffith Buck roses they saw at the Edsel and Eleanore Ford House on the July bus trip. Hortico and Pickering Nurseries have a few varieties.

6. Confirmation of the next meeting. The Annual Meeting will take place at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, 27 November 2004 at Metcalfe Gardens retirement home, St.Thomas.

12. Termination at 1:52 p.m. The members proceeded to wagons for a tour of the rose fields.

Peiper Nursery only sells wholesale to garden centres. In 1992, Mr.Peiper came to Canada. He had worked on a dairy farm and then in rose production in Europe. Several nurseries were operated by his father in Germany and Latvia. Mr.Peiper apprenticed for three years on fruit tree production in Germany. Because he was a nursery owner's son, he was able to travel throughout Europe nd work for other nurserymen.
The original under stock for the Dorchester operation came from Holland as rose seedlings. Mr.Peiper had one employee until 1995. At the time, he sold over 50,000 potted shrubs to Aikenhead Hardware (now Home Depot between London and Lambeth), with the same number the following year. Eventually 250,000 roses were sold.
There are now 160 greenhouses producing 5,000,000 plants with 400,000 roses. These are shipped throughout Ontario. Trucks move five days a week. The plants are sold in pots with 50,000 roses potted each day. Composted pine bark is the medium. R.multiflora thornless seed from Germany is used for under stock. They use 30 kg. of seed per year costing $2,000. The seed is stratified for germination. Grafters come from Holland. To control disease, the rose fields are fumigated. The nursery produces Large-flowered, Cluster-flowered, Grandiflora, Climbing, and some Shrub roses. There is strong demand for climbers in Toronto due to small house lot sizes. The Flower Carpet Pink rose has proven easy to propagate.
The tip growth on each bush is removed to encourage new growth. His plants are fertilized four or five times a year with a broadcast fertilizer. A precise, slow-release, Japanese fertilizer, Nutricote, is used. Proper water management is employed by removing plants from their pots to see if watering is necessary. Watering is done overhead with the runoff recycled. 3A leaf compost is purchased from the City of Toronto.
Peiper Nursery is one of the fastest growing nurseries in the province. It has been honoured by Landscape Ontario.

The aforementioned minutes are, to the best of our knowledge, an accurate account of the meeting of the Wm. Saunders Rose Society.

Richard Cartwright, Secretary

Approved by Steve Elkerton, President

Distribution: all members, patrons, citation holders, and honorary members.

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