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Date: 27 November 2004
Our Annual General Meeting

The meeting started at 1:15 p.m. at Metcalfe Gardens Retirement Residence, St.Thomas.

1. Welcome. President Steve Elkerton welcomed members.

2. Approval of the 24 July 2004 Meeting Minutes. Moved: Diane Vaughan. Seconded: Bill Lovelock. Carried.

3. Treasurer's Report.
Bank Balance 11 March 2004 $1,855.85
Bus Trip 2,650.00
Membership Dues 35.00
Bank Interest 0.33
Total Receipts $2, 685.33
General Expenses 348.66
Partial Bus Trip 1,711.31
Bank Service Charge 8.00
Total Expenditures $2,067.97
Bank Balance 6 July 2004 $2,473.21
Bank Balance 3 November 2003 $2,013.01
Membership 515.00
Bus Trip 2,650.00
Bank Interest 1.26
Total Receipts $3,166.26
National Roses Canada Dues 200.00 ,br> Bank Service Charges 14.00
Bus Trip 2,089.77
Rent and Meetings 260.00
Locust St. Garden, St.Thomas 100.00
General Expenses 861.11
Total Expenditures $3,524.88
Bank Balance 27 November 2004 $1,654.39
Motion: To accept Allan Whitfield's report. Moved: Basil Kelly. Seconded: Paula Martin. Carried.

4. Report on Activities
a. Summer 2005 Bus Tour. Possibility of traveling west to Dieppe and Jackson Parks in Windsor, Walter Lemire Roses at Old Castle, and a daylily farm. Dianne Vaughan also suggested the Ojibwa Prairie. If we go east to the Niagara Region then there is Niagara-Under-Glass, Palatine Nursery, the School of Horticulture, and Stoke's Seeds Trial Gardens at St.Catherine There was a show of hands with three for going west and eight for going east.
b. Palatine Order. Jean Chaleyssin, Basil Kelly, Fred Kristoff, and Bill Lovelock have all visited their rose fields. Fred has arranged for a 10% discount for society members. There will be a clarification as to whether this applies to an individual order or a bulk order. Fred and Basil have offered to pick-up the order in Spring 2005 but the roses have to be bare root.
c. N-R-C. The Current Account Balance is over $600.00 The cost of a colour cover on the Journal has been paid by a few subscribers and businesses wishing to advertise their roses. The Wm. Saunders Rose Society is the largest financially supporting society for the N-R-C. Tom Cox and Mary Shepard have helped Harry mail out the Journal.

5. New Business
a. Membership and membership fees. Motion: "To continue membership fees at the same price. $10.00 individual and $15.00 family". Moved: Bill Lovelock. Seconded: Harry McGee. Carried.
b. Report of Nominating Committee for directors and officers. The following will stand for re-election for 2005: Richard Cartwright (St.Thomas), Stephen Elkerton (London), Jennifer Grant (Lambeth), Fred Kristoff (Aylmer), Bill Lovelock (Sarnia), Harry McGee (Lambeth), George Rae (Tillsonburg), and Alan Whitfield (London). Basil Kelly (London) has been nominated. Submitted by Richard Cartwright, Steve Elkerton, and Allan Whitfield. Motion: To accept the Nominating Committee's report. Moved: Basil Kelly. Seconded: Diane Vaughan. Carried.
c. Election of directors for 2004. There were no other nominations from the floor or by mail. The slate was elected as presented.

6. Adjournment. Motion: To adjourn the Annual Meeting for election of officers. Moved: Harry McGee.

7. Meeting of new directors (2005) for election of officers. The following officers were chosen: Steve Elkerton, President; Jennifer Grant, 1st vice president; Fred Kristoff, 2nd vice president; Richard Cartwright, Secretary; and Alan Whitfield, Treasurer.

8. Resumption of Annual General Meeting.

9. Show and Tell.
a. Select Roses Order. Steve ordered several varieties which were unavailable anywhere else in the country. These were own root roses available for Fall delivery including climbers, ramblers, shrub roses, and tender roses. Five people had ordered with each bush costing $16.50 before shipping and taxes. They were very substantial plants with good roots and individually wrapped. Steve will hear from Brad Jalbert in about February. This may be discussed at the March meeting. Bare root delivery is next Fall.
b. Hortico Rose Order. Richard Cartwright and Paula Martin sent a small order of several different kinds of roses including Griffith Buck roses, at the end of September. Delivery was requested for the first two weeks of November. The order arrived after the middle of November when snow was on the ground. Grade No.1 roses were ordered but the plants which were sent were No.2 or worse with canes thinner than a pencil. The largest were 'Belle Isis', 'Variegata de Bologna', and 'Vogue' (well-branched but the size of a miniature rose).
c. Fall Planting. Steve planted his rooted cuttings into holes 3ft. wide and 15in. deep. Basil is trying to over winter rooted cuttings in two gallon pots in his attached garage.
d. Peiper Nursery. Steve is still waiting for a list of nurseries which are supplied by Peiper Nursery of Dorchester.
e. Mystery Rose. Harry received a package from a woman in the Rosedale section of Toronto. She is trying to identify a tall, thornless variety.
f. Book Auction. There is the possibility of auctioning some of Stan Krasnicki's rose books at the 5 March 2005 meeting.
g. Myke® enhancer. Diane commented on the Myke ® brand of beneficial microbe mentioned in the November issue of the Journal and sold by Zehr's and Loblaw's Supermarkets. She has used it when planting roses and has not seen a difference in growth.

10. The Rose Survey. Forms were handed out at the meeting. Steve has an internet list of best and worst cutting roses. The society has a copy. The category "Best Own Rooted Roses" is being added to the survey.

11. Confirmation of Next Meeting. The next Quarterly Meeting will be on Saturday, 5 March 2005. Place to be determined.

12. Many thanks were offered to those providing refreshments.

13. Termination at 3:20 p.m.

The aforementioned minutes are, to the best of our knowledge, an accurate account of the meeting of the Wm. Saunders Rose Society.

Richard Cartwright, Secretary

Approved by Steve Elkerton, President

Distribution: all members, patrons, citation holders, and honorary members.

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