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Date: & March 2005
The Spring Meeting

1. Welcome and introduction of new members and visitors at 1:10 p.m. by President Steve Elkerton. There were 42 guests and members, including the Elgin County Master Gardeners, at the Aylmer Legion, Aylmer.

2. The Palatine Order: Fred Kristoff will pick it up. Catalogues are available. A 10% discount is available to members. The roses can be picked up at Fred’s house in Aylmer.

3. The Classic & Select Minis Order. Bill Lovelock and Basil Kelly will be handling it. Catalogues were distributed. The order is to be sent out next week.

4. A Great Lakes Roses Order. Phyllis Ferguson offered to pick one up from Michigan. Catalogue distributed.

5. A Brentwood Bay Nursery Order. Steve Elkerton would be responsible. Catalogue distributed. A Martin & Kraus Catalogue was distributed by Allan Whitfield.

6. Approval of the minutes of the Annual Meeting of 27 November 2004 as distributed. Moved: Diane Vaughan. Seconded: Harry McGee. Carried.

7. Treasurer’s Report.
Balance 1 November 2004 $1,717.84
Membership 140.00
Bank Interest .20
Total Receipts 140.20
Newsletter and other 243.15
Service Charges 2.00
Total Expenditures 245.15
Balance 7 March 2005 $1,612.89
Approval of Treasurer’s Report. Moved: Basil Kelly. Seconded: Harry McGee. Carried.

8. Summer 2005 Bus Tour. Possible dates of 29 June or 6 July. The 6th includes the Stokes Seeds Trial Garden. Motion for Wednesday, 6 July. Moved: Fred Kristoff. Seconded: Jennifer Grant. Carried unanimously. 54 seats were available. 36 seats were reserved at the meeting. Bag lunch at the School of Horticulture.

9. Summer Meeting at Greenbelt Farm in Mitchell. Majority voted for 27 August at 1:00 p.m. There will be no September Meeting.

10. Annual General Meeting. It will be held on 5 November, 2005 at De Groot’s Nursery, Sarnia.

11. Rose Show Dates.
Lambeth, First United Church 22 June
London Discontinued
St.Thomas, St.Thomas Community Christian School 25 June
Sarnia ?
Tillsonburg ?

12. The Rose Survey. Forms distributed last year. Some results were in the Journal of National-Roses-Canada. The results are to be distributed with the minutes. They will be on our website at the end of the month.

13. Website Update (www3.sympatico/wm.saundersrose). Walter Lemire’s grooming tips for roses are on it. There are 15 additional links making a total of about 100 links. Rose Hardiness Report from John W. of Wisconsin.

14. Other.
(a) Stan Krasnicki has donated to the society library The Ultimate Rose Book by Stirling Macoboy.
(b) Show and Tell. Liz Close and Laura Peters have co-authored Best Garden Plants for Ontario.
(c) Rose-a-Lea Greenhouses. There was a discussion about their present activities.

15. A Little Levity: How to Count Roses. An amusing list of rules was read by Steve Elkerton.

16. Our Keynote Speaker. George Pagowski is the former head of the rose garden at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton, which had opened in 1967. He described his winter protection experiments, first using polyfoam over beds, later white plastic. At the 1983 World Federation Meeting in Baden-Baden (Germany), George noticed coal scuttles filled with a yellow rose called ‘Graham Thomas’. Due to a chance encounter and through arrangements, the David Austin roses were first seen outside Great Britain at the R.B.G. The varieties ‘Graham Thomas’, ‘Lordly Oberon’, ‘Mary Rose’, ‘Mary Webb’, and ‘Shropshire Lass’ were mentioned. Mr.Pagowski worked at a large Edinburgh garden where he was exposed to species roses. Later at the R.B.G. when he realised how difficult it was to grow H.T.’s and Floribunda’s due to poor soil conditions and our harsh climate, he proposed a strictly educational collection of Old Garden Roses and modern shrub roses. It was his aim to dispel myths about shrub roses. In the 1960’s nurseries only sold familiar roses. But by the early 1970’s, Griffith Buck roses and Dr.Svejda’s Explorer roses were being introduced. A series of slides were shown of roses throughout the world. Species roses like R.alba semi-plena R.gallica officianalis, R.multiflora, R.mundi, R.nutkana, R.palustris, R.sericea pteracantha, and R.virginiana were seen. Mr.Pagowski went on to antique roses such as ‘Chapeau de Napoleon’, ‘Frau Karl Druschki’, ‘Koenigen von Danemark’, ‘Madame Hardy’, and ‘Paul Neyron’. Our hot summers deter the repeat flowering O.G.R.’s. Mr.Pagowski finished by talking about pegging-down of tall shrub roses (‘John Cabot’, ‘Henry Kelsey’, and ‘William Baffin’) and pruning Explorer and Morden roses.

17. Termination at 3:24 p.m.

The aforementioned minutes are, to the best of our knowledge, an accurate account of the meeting of the Wm. Saunders Rose Society.

Richard Cartwright, Secretary

Approved by Steve Elkerton, President

Distribution: all members, patrons, citation holders, and honorary members.

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