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Date: 4 November, 2006
The Annual General Meeting Meeting

Trinity Anglican Church, Lambeth, 1:15 p.m.

1. Welcome to Guests and Members. Harry McGee chaired the meeting and Tom Cox recorded the minutes in the absence of President Richard Cartwright. Approximately 28 attended. There were rose gardeners from Aylmer, London, Mt. Brydges, St.Thomas, Tillsonburg, and Woodstock.

2. Treasurer's Report.
4 March 2006 $1,652.54
Membership $505.00
Bus Trip 2,940.00
Rose Judging Course 80.00
Bank Interest 00.84
Total Receipts: $3,525.84
Bulletin/Membership $87.10
Meetings and Speakers 523.32
Bus Trip 2,197.36
Rose Judging Course 21.34
Bank Service Charge 8.00
National Roses Canada Dues 200.00
Total Expenditures: $3,037.12
3 November 2006 $2,141.26
Motion: to accept the Treasurer's Report. Moved: Alan Whitfield. Seconded: Bill Lovelock. Carried.

3. Minutes of Meeting of 9 September 2006. Motion: to accept the minutes. Moved: Fred Kristoff. Seconded: Maureen Mota. Carried.

4. Correspondence. None.

5. Business Arising from the Last Meeting.
28 June 2006 Bus Trip. A report was presented by Jennifer Grant. Feedback by members was negative. Long distances made for a long day. Discussed visit to Rachel Flood and member's gardens.

6. Harry McGee introduced the speaker, Jennifer Grant.

7. Jennifer made a Power Point presentation on 'Add Wow to Your Landscape'. The topic covered roses in beds and the landscape. There were examples of growing roses alongside other plants. The subject was illustrated with slides from members' gardens. Steve Elkerton property had roses mixed with annuals and perennials. Roland Craig used many structures and formal beds. Jennifer discussed which kinds of roses to use. Roses should have good attributes. The plant's foliage should have enough substance that it does not have problems eg. Rosa glauca. Rose foliage should be complementary with herbs or evergreens. Lamb's ears can be used as a groundcover around roses. Focal points are useful in the garden. They draw the eye into the garden eg. A gazing ball or birdhouse. Other examples were shown of red-toned roses with red barberry and roses with a fence as a background. Standard roses will enhance height eg. 'Ballerina' and 'Bonica' standards with flower bed edged in boxwood. Rose can be grown with other plants such as herbs (chives, lavender, and salvia), flowers (foxglove), vines, bulbs (miniature cannas with attractive foliage), and vegetables (Swiss chard 'Bright Lights'). Many of these suggestions were illustrated by examples from her garden.
A questions and discussion period related to the growing and cultivation of roses followed.

8. Joe Mota thanked Jennifer on behalf of the society.

9. Refreshment Break. DVD's of Irena Code's September presentation were made available to members by Maureen Moda for $5.00. Alan accepted membership renewals.

10. Continuation of Discussion of 2007 Bus Trip. Jennifer suggested next year's trip will probably be shorter including a nice rose garden and a good rose nursery. Further information will be available at the March 2007 meeting.

11. National Roses Canada.
Harry reported that the federation is experiencing some financial difficulties. The Wm. Saunders Rose Society has paid its dues. Some societies need to be more forthcoming with their financial obligations.

12. New Business
(a) Appointment of representative to National Roses Canada. Motion: to appoint Harry McGee as our society's representative for one more year. Moved: Basil Kelly. Seconded: Fred Kristoff. Carried.
(b) Membership Dues. Motion: to maintain the present fee structure. Moved: Allan Whitfield. Seconded: Marion Obeda. Carried.
(c) Rose Judging Course Presentation. On behalf of National Roses Canada, Harry gave diplomas to Roland Craig, Steven Elkerton, and Denise Hodgins. Harry remarked that the diplomas were well earned following completion of a rigorous curriculum. Each new judge was presented with a potted rose.
(d) Rose Orders. Basil Kelly said the Select Roses and Classic Minis Catalogues will be available in Spring 2007. Bill Lovelock will take care of the Palatine Nursery orders. Alan Whitfield will handle the Pickering Nursery orders.

13. Election of Directors for 2007. Jennifer asked the present members to stand and all agreed. Two members were nominated from the floor, Maureen Mota and Diane Vaughan. Motion: to thank the last Board for their work. Moved: Marion Obeda. Seconded: Denise Hodgins. Carried.

14. Adjournment of Annual Meeting for Election of Officers for 2007. The Officers are Richard Cartwright, president and interim secretary; Jennifer Grant, 1st vice president; Fred Kristoff, 2nd vice president; and Allan Whitfield, treasurer. The Directors are Roland Craig, Basil Kelly, Bill Lovelock, Harry McGee, Joseph Mota, Maureen Mota, George Rae, and Diane Vaughan. 15. Resumption of Annual Meeting.

16. Any Other Business.
(a) Harry is reducing the number of roses in his garden and is offering roses for adoption by members at no cost. Contact Harry at (519) 652-5728.
(b) 'Show and Tell' by John Obeda. John suggests that if you need more space for your roses, buy your neighbour's house and tear it down! He also suggested all rose gardeners should have a tetanus shot.
(c) Update on Mayerthrope Memorial Garden. Harry reported that Paul Olsen had kindly agreed to buy 22 'Morden Fireglow' roses on behalf of N-R-C. He will grow them to size in the spring of 2007.
(d) Diane Vaughan appreciated Steve Elkerton's article on a panel discussion on growing roses in the September 2006 edition of The Journal by the N-R-C. She suggested that there be more of these panels.
(e) Lloyd Megerle suggested more members should participate in the rose shows.

17. Next Meeting. Saturday, 3 March 2007 at 1:00 p.m. at the Aylmer Legion Hall, 211 John Street North, Aylmer. René Schmitz from Palatine Nursery will speak.

18. Harry expressed appreciation to members who provided the refreshments, Sarah Kelly, Evelyn Jenkinson, and Ruth Dodson.

19. Termination at 3:20 p.m.

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