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Date: 9 September 2006
The September Meeting

West Oxford Community Hall, Foldens, Oxford County, 1:10 p.m.

1. Welcome to Guests and Members. Thirty people attended and introduced themselves. There were rose gardeners from Aylmer, Ingersoll, London, Mt. Brydges, St.Thomas, and Tillsonburg.

2. Harry McGee introduced the speaker, recently qualified horticultural and design judge, Irena Code. Her topic was 'Practical Arranging with Roses and Your Garden Plants'.

Irena was born in the Ukraine and trained as a neurosurgeon. She came to Canada in 1997. Under the influence of London member Ruth Dodson, Irena discovered a love of flowers and arranging and also learned tips by working for a florist. This was her first presentation to a plant society.

Several types of designs were created: Cluster, Decorative Wood, Free-Style, and Transparency. The Free-Style arrangement used a tall metal vase, half-filled with Oasis, within a rosewood container. Three loops of honeysuckle vine were inserted asymmetrically into the vase along with rolled and stapled yucca leaves placed horizontally. Four short-stemmed, purple-striped Hybrid Tea florist roses called 'Crazy One' were used to fill the centre. The Cluster arrangement was in a birch bark-covered container. Four white roses named 'Akito' were pushed through holes drilled in the bark and yucca leaves were placed behind the roses. Three square vases of clear glass at different heights were featured in the Transparency design. Sprays of baby's breath were inserted upside down and upright into the containers. Red 'Freedom' roses and asparagus fern were added last. For the next arrangement, bent stems of sorghum grass were placed on a piece of decorative wood along with ivy leaves and Joe Mota's white 'Pascali' roses. The last design featured asparagus fern and Roland Craig's 'Pat Austin' and 'Salita' roses in another birch bark vase.

Questions and answers followed.

3. President Richard Cartwright thanked Irena on behalf of the society.

4. Refreshment Break

4 March 2006 $1,652.54
Membership 345.00
Bus Trip 2,940.00
Judging Course 80.00
Bank Interest 00.45
Total Receipts: 3,365.45
The Bulletin 87.10
Meetings and Speakers 234.07
Bus Trip 2,197.36
Judging Course 21.34
Bank Service Charges 4.00
Total Expenditures: 2,543.87
9 September 2006 $2,474.12
Motion: to accept the Treasurer's Report. Moved: Alan Whitfield. Seconded: Harry. Carried.

6. Correspondence.
A copy of the Palatine Fruit & Roses catalogue had been sent to the president-elect. The nursery is stocking more Kordes roses than before.

7. Business Arising From Last Meeting
(a) Rose Orders
- Palatine: The best in Canada according to Basil Kelly. Roland Craig had problems with two roses.
- Select Roses: Basil said the roses were not as good as Classic Minis.
- The Heather Farm and Classic Miniature Roses: Basil was very pleased with the plants.
- Hortico Nurseries Ltd: Steve Elkerton and Burnie Reynaert both went to their July sale. Advertising indicated a "buy one and get one free" offer but upon arrival each was told that there was only one free rose per customer and that poor quality roses had to be chosen from. Fred Kristoff tried to get 'Teneke' but what he received did not survive and would be expensive to replace. Ruth Dodson and Harry commented that Hortico's reputation has not changed over the years and members should learn from past experience. Unfortunately Hortico offers varieties unavailable elsewhere in Canada.
(b) 28 June 2006 Bus Trip
The ticket price was acceptable. Evelyn Jenkinson felt that there should not be a collection for the driver but that it should be incorporated into the ticket cost. Elizabeth Ingolfsrud was not happy with the large distances covered and suggested Port Dover. Rachel Flood's garden in Kitchener was also recommended.
(c) Rose Judging Course
Harry McGee reported that the candidates had participated in the Lambeth and St.Thomas flower shows. They experienced the difficulties of a rose judge. As a part of qualifying, each candidate underwent colour and scent tests. The president thanked Roland, Denise Hodgins, and Steve for taking the course. Steve thanked Harry for developing the rose course. Roland thanked Harry for teaching him how to show roses.
(d) National Roses Canada
Harry said the federation had just completed a historical listing of Canadian-bred roses that was available on their website

8. New Business
(a) Rose Performance This Year
- Best Roses: Blue River (H.T., Kordes, 1984), Home Run (Shrub, Carruth, 2001), Kordes Brilliant (Shrub, Kordes, 1983), The Fairy Tale roses from Kordes, The McCartney Rose (H.T., Meilland, 1995), Paradise, Rosarium Uetersen (Shrub, Kordes, 1977), Salita , and Taifun (Freelander, Kordes)
- Worst Roses: Dr.Brownell
- Roses to Get: Ebb Tide (Floribunda, Carruth, 2006)
(b) 'Western Fair' Rose: Basil has budded six of this variety on understock from Palatine Nurseries. Only one of Roland's buds has taken. He has also started 53 cuttings in coir and Pro Mix and is making his greenhouse and nursery beds available to members.
(c) Rose Shows: Basil and Fred said Lambeth had the best show. Tillsonburg may not continue due to a lack of help and entries.
(d) Rose Books: 'The Complete Rose Encyclopedia' by Nico Vermeulen of Netherlands was recommended by Richard and Steve. Roland has a new Austin Rose book.

9. Any Other Business.
(a) Joe Mota suggested creating a DVD of Irene's demonstration that could be put on the internet. Michelle Mota-Bogle and Michael Bogle have an editing suite.
(b) Roland had a pamphlet listing the fairs and exhibitions in the province. There is a website He notices that there are no other members competing at many of the shows.
(c) 2007 Bus Trip. Richard asked that the destination be voted-on at the November Annual Meeting. After much discussion, members decided at this meeting. Motion: to visit Rachel Flood's garden in Kitchener-Waterloo in 2007. Moved: Roland. Seconded: Maureen Mota. Carried.
(d) As future speakers, Rachel Flood and Stephen Knowles were suggested.

10. Annual Meeting. Saturday, 4 November at 1:00 p.m., Trinity Anglican Church, Lambeth.

11. Thanks went to Joseph and Maureen Mota for the meeting arrangements, Michelle Mota-Bogle and Mike Bogle for videotaping the demonstration, Roland Craig for Scottish tomatoes and Sarah Kelly for nametags.

12. Termination at 3:35 p.m.

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