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Date: 3 March 2007
The March Meeting

Wm.Saunders Rose Society Quarterly Meeting Saturday, 3 March 2007
Royal Canadian Legion Hall, Talbot Branch #81, Aylmer

Meeting started at 1pm with 31 people in attendance.

1. President Richard Cartwright welcomed members and guests. There was a friendly round the table introduction and the question was asked “what roses do you grow?.” Although there were many who stipulated H.T. or Austins, the general consensus was “the ones that live”.

2. Approval of Minutes of Annual Meeting held on 4 November 2006. Moved by Richard Cartwright. Seconded by Fred Kristoff. Carried.

3. Treasurer’s Report:
Bank Balance 3 March 2007 $2000.34
Moved by Basil Kelly. Seconded by Elizabeth Taylor. Carried.

4. Correspondence. None.

5. The intended speaker, Rene Schmitz of Palatine Fruit and Roses, was unfortunately delayed in Switzerland. In his place, Harry McGee introduced Richard Cartwright as the speaker. Richard specializes in classic roses from the 30’s, and their history. Richard showed a slide presentation and members commented on the various varieties including the climbers ‘American Pillar’ and ‘Zeus’; the Cluster-Flowered roses ‘Betty Prior’, ‘Orange Triumph’, and ‘Gene Boerner’; the David Austin roses ‘Queen Nefertiti’ and ‘Prospero’; the Large-Flowered roses ‘Garden Party’, ‘Princess Margaret d’Angleterre’, ‘Shot Silk’, and ‘SuperStar’; the Old Garden Roses ‘Agathe’, ‘American Beauty’, ‘Arrilaga’, ‘Gros Choux de Hollande’, ‘Mrs. John Laing’, ‘Old Red Velvet Moss’, ‘Soleil d’Or’, ‘Sombreuil’, ‘The Portland Rose’, and ‘White Bath’; the shrub roses ‘Agnes’, ‘Alexander MacKenzie’, ‘Amy Robsart’, ‘Applejack’, ‘Blanc Double de Coubert’, ‘Canary Bird’, ‘Captain Samuel Holland’, ‘Conrad Ferdinand Meyer’, ‘Dr.Huey’, ‘Eos’, ‘Felicia’, ‘Golden Showers’, ‘Golden Wings’, ‘John Cabot’, ‘Morden Blush’, ‘Nevada’, ‘Phyllis Bide’, ‘Prairie Dawn’, ‘Westerland’, ‘William Baffin’, and ‘Winnipeg Parks’. Fred Kristoff thanked Richard.

6. Business Arising From Last Meeting

(a) Future Meetings scheduled for 2007.

8 September at Degroots Nursery, Sarnia at 1pm. The nursery is located ½ mile from the Casino. The programme will be a panel of experienced rosarians giving their expect advice.

Annual General Meeting on 3 November at the Tillsonburg Library at 1pm. The library is on main street. Rene Schmitz to be contacted to see if he is available. Joel Schraven of Pickering Nurseries wants $200 to do the talk. Roland Craig moved that we go with Rene Schmitz. Carried.

(b) Bus Trip. Wednesday, 27 June. The cost is $55. So far the trip consists of a visit to Rachel Flood’s garden, where she kindly offered to provide lunch, and a visit to Greenway Blooming Centre and Naturium in Breslau. Dinner will be at Elmhurst Inn.

(c) Rose orders. Palatine Fruit and Roses and Pickering Nurseries offer a 10% discount to members. Last date for orders is 15 March 2007. Select Roses have a catalogue on the internet. Basil Kelly is ordering from The Heather Farm and Classic Miniature Roses as he recommended these over Select Roses.

(d) Harry McGee gave a report on N.R.C.. Unfortunately Calgary Rose Society has dropped out leaving no representation on the prairies. The future of the Canadian Rose Breeding Programme, which Harry had highlighted in the N.C.R., was pursued by Ralph Bullough, President of the Canadian Rose Society. Harry was concerned that as a charitable organization, the politics were too delicate to start dictating to the government. The problem seems to have been resolved, and the programme will continue. Greenbelt donated a $500 cheque to cover the printing of the N.C.R. newsletter. The 2nd issue of the guidelines for rose judges is available for $5.00.

7. New Business
(a) The William Saunders Rose Society Award for “highest points for roses entered by a novice, any type”, consisting of a 1 year membership and $10, will be included in St.Thomas, Lambeth, Tillsonburg, Aylmer and Sarnia flower show schedules.

8. Any Other Business

(a) Steve Elkerton donated 12 books to the library. Steve also mentioned that the Central Library in London has the D.V.D “Secrets of the Rose Garden: the Coe Estate, U.S.A.”, in stock. He also handed over 30 years of the magazine “Heritage Roses” to the library. Steve also suggested that we do an online survey on favourite roses with details of their attributes.

(b) Roland Craig mentioned that Greenbelt Nurseries was handing out catalogues at the Stratford Garden Festival.

9. Meeting terminated at 3:50 pm.

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