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Date: * September 2007
The September Meeting

Quarterly Meeting held Saturday September 8th 2007, at Degroots Nursery, 1840 London Road, Sarnia

* Meeting started at 1:25pm with 32 people in attendance. President Richard Cartwright welcomed everyone, then everyone introducing themselves.

* Joe Mota proposed the approval of the minutes from the March 3rd 2007 meeting. Seconded by Basil Kelly and approved by all.

Al Whitfield reported that we have a balance of $2099.28. Steve Elkerton proposed the approval of the treasurer's report, seconded by John VandenHoven, carried.
Al also announced that we had new membership cards.


a) Steve Elkerton reported that a Bill Saunders in Tuscon, Arizona had e-mailed him after "googling" his name on his computer.
b) Most members had received their new copies of Palatine catalogues.

* Steve Elkerton brought along a pink rose he hoped someone could identify.

* The programme consisted of a panel of members detailing how they grow their roses. Steve Elkerton was the moderator. (Details on Articles webPage).

* Richard Cartwright stated that a Westerland rose that he thought had succumbed to the winter, had in fact survived and was growing.

* Members who went on the June bus trip were asked on their comments and the overall opinion was that it was a huge success. Everyone was sorry that Rachel Flood was in the hospital and not home.

* Suggestions for the 2008 bus trip were:
Palatine Nursery/Winery tour in the Niagara area/Mark Dezero's All Canadian Rose show at the R.B.G./Touring members gardens. Jennifer will look into all these suggestions.

* Harry McGee reported on N.R.C. news.
a) Two new societies have affiliated with N.R.C., The Old Man Society, in Pinchet, Saskatchewan and one in St.John's Newfoundland
b) A list of Canadian hybridized roses is being compiled with 700 + roses listed.
c) The Canadian Rose Society has been offered membership to the Federation.
d) Bill Lovelock voted the Wm. Saunders Rose Society remain in N.R.C., Marion Obeda seconded the motion, carried.

* Rose orders: Palatine Fruit and Roses catalogues have been sent out to all who ordered roses. There is also a catalogue online as is Pickering Nurseries catalogue. Pickering Nurseries has started fall shipping again if requested. Select Roses has stopped mail order.

* Roland Craig reported that he had judged a rose show in Scotland during a visit to his daughter. He saw parsnips 3 1/2 feet long, that had been grown in tubes, and onions as big as footballs.

* Steve Elkerton recommended Ruth Stouts book "The Ruth Stout No-Work Garden Book", and also "The American Rose Society Encyclopedia of Roses" by Charles and Brigid Quest-Ritson.

* The next meeting will be on November 3rd at Tillsonburg Library on Tillsonburg's main street, at 1pm It will be our Annual General Meeting. with Rene Schmitz from Palatines Fruit and Roses Nursery will be the guest speaker.

* Meeting terminated at 3:35 pm.

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