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Date: 3 November 2007
The Annual General Meeting

Held at the Tillsonburg Public Library, 2 Library Lane, Tillsonburg.

1) Meeting was called to order at 1:25p.m. by President Richard Cartwright, who welcomed 29 members to the 8th Annual General Meeting.

As the speaker, Rene Schmitz from Palatine Roses was not present the agenda was revised.

2) Steve Elkerton noted that the minutes from 8th September, 2007 should be amended to read:
Section 12. Steve Elkerton recommended “Ruth Stout’s No-Work Garden Book” and also “The Ultimate Rose Book”, the latter which might be out of print. Steve thought that “The Ultimate Rose Book” might be having an update done by Tommy Kerns.
Section 10a. Harry McGee pointed out that the two new members of N.R.C. names are, The Oldman Rose Society and the Pincher Creek Rose Society in S. Alberta.
With these amendments noted, Steve Elkerton moved that the minutes be accepted and Bill Lovelock seconded. Carried.

3) Treasurer’s report:- Submitted by Al Whitfield.
Balance on November 2006 $2,141.26
Receipts Memberships $415.00
Bus Trip $3060.35
Interest $0.94
Total $3,476.29 _________ $5,617,55
Rent/postage/etc. $647.14
Bus Trip $2,828.60
N.R.C. $200.00
Service Charge $8.00
Total $3,683.74 _________
Balance November 2007 $1,933.81

Moved by Roland Craig that the report be accepted, seconded by Maureen Mota. Carried.

4) Correspondence:- Pickering Nurseries sent their 2006 and 2007 catalogues.

5) Due to conflicting dates with Lambeth Horticultural Society’s Rose Show, the 2008 Bus Trip has tentatively been booked for Wednesday, 2nd July. Joyce Fleming in Grimsby will be contacted to see if we could visit her garden. Joyce is a hybridizer, best known for her “Roberta Bondar”. Joyce Turner in Burlington is also a possible garden visit. Jennifer Grant will contact both ladies.

6) National Roses Canada :-
a) Harry McGee reported that B.C. needs a new leader following Barbara Raymonds departure.
b) The John Cabot Rose Society of St.John & Labrador held their first meeting with 17 people present.
c) There has been no response from the C.R.S. regarding N.R.C.
d) Harry thanked the Wm.Saunders Rose Society for renewing their membership in N.R.C.

7) Bill Lovelock moved that Harry McGee continue to be our representative for N.R.C., seconded by Basil Kelly. Carried.

8) Richard Cartwright reminded members that 2008 membership were due. The price stays at $10 per member or $15 a family. New membership cards are being used, thanks to Al Whitlock.

9) The programme for 2008 is being finalized. Saturday, 1st March will be at the Legion in Aylmer, Saturday, 6th September will be at Degroots Nursery in Chatham and the Annual General Meeting will be held in Lambeth on 1st November.

10) Rose Orders:- Palatine are carrying a large inventory of Kordes roses, and can be ordered on-line and by mail/telephone orders. Select Roses no longer offer a mail order service. Classic Roses are online, and Basil Kelly will be showing their catalogue after February.

11) George Rae gave the nominating committee report. Elected to the board for 2008 :-
President – Richard Cartwright; 1st vice president – Jennifer Grant; 2nd vice president – Fred Kristoff. Directors :- Basil Kelly, Bill Lovelock, Harry McGee, Joe and Maureen Mota, George Rae, Al Whitfield, Roland Craig and Diane Vaughan.

12) After a refreshment break, the meeting resumed with the new agenda in the form of an answer and question period. In the “hot seats” were:- Steve Elkerton, George Rae, Fred Kristoff, Lloyd Megerle and Basil Kelly. Members questioned regarding rose culture were answered as well as some amusing quips.

13) Irine Code announced that there was a bus trip on 30th November to Toronto for a flower arranging show. Irina also donated 3 books to the library.

14) GEORGE RAE IS MISSING HIS EYEGLASSES. Joe Mota pointed out that they had been missing since the meeting at Foldens Hall in 2006. If you have them or know where they are please return to George.

15) John and Marian Obeda are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, and Fred and Ruth Kristoff have just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. Congratulations to you from all the members.

16) George Rae was thanked for hosting the meeting, Harry McGee was thanked for supplying a cake for the wedding anniversary celebrants, and Diane Vaughan was thanked for bringing some goodies.

17) Meeting terminated at 3:40 p.m.

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