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Date: 1 November, 2008
The Annual General Meeting

Held at Trinity Anglican Church, Lambeth.

1) The meeting was called to order at 1:15 p.m. by President Richard Cartwright, who welcomed members and guests to the 9th Annual General Meeting.

2) Speaker Shirleyann English.

There were several floral designs created by Ms.English. One arrangement consisted of a green, oval Art Deco-style ceramic container with a needle point holding three rolled and stapled leaves of various lengths and five red-edged, Large-flowered roses. In the next design, Ms.English used a tropical leaf, tied branch, and pink-edged roses in a disk-shaped, rough-textured, gray clay container. Using a dark green wine bottle, Ms.English inserted a tall branch and three cream-coloured roses into a candle cup covered with an aspidestra leaf. The final arrangement was done as a Modern Design. A small, square, clear glass container of glass marbles holding cream-coloured roses and New Zealand flax was stacked on a similar larger containder. During the floral demonstration, Ms. English explained the mechanics used to anchor the natural material.

3) Approval of Minutes of 6 September 2008 as distributed.

Motion: to approve the minutes. Moved: Richard Cartwright. Seconded: Roland Craig. Carried.

4) Treasurerís report.

Submitted by Al Whitfield.

Balance on 3 November 2007: $1, 933.81
Memberships: $539.82
Interest: $.94 Total before expenses: $2,474.57

The Bulletin,postage,etc.: $228.45
Rent: $136.25
N.R.C.Membership: $300.00
Donation: $10.00
Service Charge: $2.00
Total Expenditures: $676.70

Balance 1 November 2008: $1,797.87

Motion: to accept the treasurer's report. Moved: Harry McGee. Seconded: Ken Barks. Carried.

5) Correspondence.

Palatine Nurseries had sent their 2008 to 2009 catalogues to be distributed at the meeting.

5) Memorandum of Association.

A copy of the Memorandum was circulated members for to sign. Copies were also available to take home.

6) Membership Dues.

Dues will remain at their present level with $10.00 Single and $15.00 for Family at the same address.

7) World Rose Convention.

The World Rose Convention 2009 will be held from June 18th to 24th at the Westin Bayshore Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia. It will include the American Rose Society's Spring National Convention and Rose Show. Website at

8) Rose Orders.

Palatine are carrying a large inventory of Kordes roses which can be ordered on-line and by mail. Select Roses no longer offer a mail order service. Classic Roses is online.

9) Report of the Nominating Committee and Nominations to the Board.

Motion: to approve the nominating committee report. Moved: Harry McGee. Seconded: Marian Obeda. Carried.

Elected to the board for 2009: Ken Barks (Ingersoll), Sophia Borowski (London), Richard Cartwright (St.Thomas), Tom Cox (Byron), Roland Craig (Mt.Brydges), Bill Lovelock (Sarnia), Harry McGee (Lambeth), and Lz Taylor (London).

10) Election of Officers for 2009.

Following adjournment of the Annual Meeting, a Board of Directors Meeting was held. Motion: to elect the following officers: Richard Cartwright, president; Roland Craig, vice president; Harry McGee, secretary and Al Whitfield, treasurer. The directors are Ken Barks, Sophia Borowski, Tom Cox, Bill Lovelock, and Liz Taylor. Moved: Richard Cartwright. Seconded: Bill Lovelock. Carried. Motion: for Roland Craig and Al Whitfield to be the signing officers. Moved: Richard Cartwright. Seconded: Ken Barks. Carried.

11) Resumption of the Annual Meeting.

Motion: to thank the retiring board members. Moved: Marian Obeda. Seconded: Harry McGee. Carried.

12) Next Quarterly Meeting.

Saturday, 7 March 2009 at 1:00 p.m. In the Carnegie Room of the St.Thomas Public Library, St.Thomas.

13) Donation to Trinity Anglican Church.

Motion: to donate $50.00 to the church. Moved : Sarah Kelly. Seconded: Harry McGee. Carried.

14) Thank You for Meeting Arrangements.

Everyone who helped to provide refreshments and clear away the chairs were thanked for their contribution to the meeting.

15) Meeting terminated at 3:12 p.m.