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Date: 7 November, 2009
The Annual General Meeting

With about 20 members present, the president, Richard Cartwright, called the meeting to order at 1:10 pm. He acted as chairman and Harry McGee acted as secretary.

1. The chairman asked for approval of the minutes of the General Meeting of 12 September 2009 held at Degroots Nursery in Sarnia. Upon motion by Roland Craig, seconded by Ken Barks, the minutes were approved unanimously.

2. The chairman asked for the treasurerís report. In the absence of the treasurer, Sophia Borowski presented his statement dated 7 November 2009 showing a current balance of $1,747.72 and she moved its adoption. It was seconded by Liz Taylor and approved unanimously.

3. Ken Barks introduced the speaker, Rod Kidnie of Alltreat Farms at Arthur, Ontario, who spoke on their composting operation and the soil amendments they produce for sale. Bill Lovelock thanked the speaker. At its conclusion, a break was announced. Coffee and Timbits were served by the hosts Julie and Ken Barks assisted by Liz Taylor and Sophia Borowski, and they were all thanked in the usual way. The meeting resumed.

4. The chairman asked the chair of the Nominating Committee to present his report. Harry McGee reported that the president had appointed a Nominating Committee of himself, Roland Craig and Sophia Borowski. The committee met on 29 October at Rosebank and after considerable scrambling ending only today, it came up with the following list of nine nominees for directors for 2010:
Ken Barks
Tom Cox
Harry McGee
Sophia Borowski
Roland Craig
Liz Taylor
Richard Cartwright
Ron Foster
Alan Whitfield
and the following list of nominees for officers for the same period:
president Roland Craig
vice president Ken Barks
secretary and librarian: Richard Cartwright
treasurer Alan Whitfield
assistant treasurer: Sophia Borowski

5. The chairman asked if there were any nominations from the floor. There being none, he moved and the secretary seconded the motion that the list of nominated directors be acclaimed and this was approved unanimously. The president thanked retiring director Bill Lovelock warmly for his years of dedication to the board. He then asked new director Ron Foster to address the members, and he responded with a very interesting summary of his interest in roses.

6. The chairman then adjourned the meeting and called the board together to consider the list of nominated officers. Upon motion of Bill Lovelock, seconded by Liz Taylor, it was unanimously resolved to approve the nominated officers for 2010.

7. The chairman then reconstituted the Annual General Meeting and asked Ken Barks to speak about his interest in having a Spring Rose Fest. He spoke of holding an event to showcase our early spring-blooming roses that are never displayed so the public can see them. A time line of May 29 through 5 June was recommended. Roland Craig moved and Julie Barks seconded a motion to hold a Spring Rose Fest in 2010, and it was unanimously approved.

8. The matter of a late June event in 2010 was discussed. The experience of the aborted bus tour on a week-end in 2008, and the poor turnout of members for the garden tour on a week-end in 2009 was recalled, and lessons drawn about member response to week-end events. Harry McGee learned that there are rose gardens near Owen Sound that advertise for tours. Bill Lovelock moved and Liz Taylor seconded a motion to direct the board to explore a bus tour for the last week of June in 2010, and it was passed unanimously.

9. Harry McGee announced that while casting about for nominees, member Lynne Schmidt asked him whether we would consider looking after the Raynor Rose Garden in the Elmo Curtis Gardens in London. The matter was discussed, and a motion was made by Bill Lovelock and seconded by Ken Barks to explore the conditions under which we would consider such a project. The motion was passed unanimously.

10. The president elect, Roland Craig, thanked the members for the confidence placed in him. He cited three objectives he has: (1) re-activate the membership, (2) issue a newsletter questionnaire to elicit what the society members would like, and (3) invigorate our programs. We wished him well and thanked Richard Cartwright for his three years as president.

11. Sophia Borowski moved that the meeting be terminated.