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Date: 12 November, 2011
The Annual General Meeting

held at Rosebank, Saturday. 12 November 2011

Present: Julie Barks, Ken Barks, Elisabeth Bond, Antoinette Chaleyssin, Jean Chaleyssin, Roland Craig, Bill Lovelock, Harry McGee, Marian Obeda, Liz Taylor, Anne Walker, Alan Whitfield, Eileen Young. Communities represented include Ingersoll, Port Burwell, St. Thomas, Mount Brydges, Lambeth, London and Sarnia.

The president, Roland Craig, acted as chairman and called the meeting to order at 1:05 pm. He advised that the secretary, Richard Cartwright, had sent his regrets and asked Harry McGee to act as secretary.

The president made several remarks concerning the state of the society. He felt it was stable once again and noted that an annual tour had been re-established, late spring and late summer shows continued, and other activities such as the poker garden tour added. He asked the members present to continue building and suggested each one bring a rose friend to the next meeting. He told of a small hamlet in Scotland where only 14 farmers lived, yet they organized the largest hort show in the country (including the rose show which he judged). There were 351 adult entries and 200 junior entries, comprising roses 7 in. across and onions the size of a soccer ball. He implied the Wm Saunders was only limited by its imagination and industry.

The president asked the acting secretary to read the minutes of the previous general meeting held in Sarnia on 10 September 2011. The acting secretary read these minutes and moved their adoption. The motion was seconded by Bill Lovelock and passed unanimously.

With respect to the last meeting in Sarnia, and the Australian rose photos shown there, the president passed on greetings to the Society received from Bonita Cattell. He asked Julie Barks to come forward and he presented her with the cash prize for winning the top award for the roses exhibited in Sarnia. Julie expressed thanks and invited members of the Wm Saunders Rose Society to attend the Ingersoll Hort’s Garden Place on Sunday 24 June 2012 to be held at the Barks’ residence.

The president asked the treasurer to give his report. Alan Whitfield reported that the balance to date is $1856.65 but there are two payments yet to be made: one for the St. Thomas novice prize to Barbara Holmes, and the other for payment of membership fees to the national federation for 2011 which is overdue. In answer to the question about whether we made money on the bus tour, he informed the meeting that we made about $200. This seemed modestly good as we neither want to overcharge nor miss the opportunity to add a little to our finances. Both Liz Taylor, who obtained first estimates on buses, and Elisabeth Bond, who managed the whole tour, were thanked warmly for their work. The treasurer anticipates receiving the bank statement soon, and with this he moved acceptance of the interim statement. Marian Obeda seconded the motion and it was accepted unanimously.

The president asked for a report on National-Roses-Canada activities. Harry McGee advised that there appeared to be little response so far to his ambitious drive to create new rose societies across Canada, as well as bringing existing ones into the fed. The exception was the return of a founding society, The Fraser Pacific Rose Society, to the federation. He reminded the members present that the Wm Saunders Rose Society was founded 12 years ago to the month in the very room we were meeting in. (Whereupon the president exited and returned with a birthday cake for the occasion.) He also reminded the society that after ten years as president of the federation he would retire at the end of this month ? even though a new president was not in sight. The fed directors would have to take turns as acting presidents until the drought ended. He advised that the federation was in good health financially, and this was attributable mainly to good sales from its book publishing activity. He also indicated that John Martin of London was engaged as the new treasurer.

The president asked Harry McGee to speak to the group on Rose Bowls. With plenty of examples on hand from his wife’s collection, he explained what antique rose bowls are and what circumstances led her to collect them. He discussed their many sizes, shapes, tops, bottoms, types of glass, decorations, and patterns. Lastly he explained they were made to perfume musty Victorian parlours, and revealed that dried petals of Rosa gallica hybrids retained their fragrance after being dried and that they were used to half fill the bowls. The details are available at

The president moved on to election of the directors for 2012 and asked for the report of the nominating committee. Harry McGee advised that the president had asked him to form a nominating committee and at the board meeting on 10 September 2011, Ken Barks, Richard Cartwright, and Liz Taylor joined the committee. He also advised that a motion had been passed at the same board meeting to introduce an amendment to the Memorandum of Association to reduce the number of directors from nine to seven. This meant it was necessary to trim the board. Fortunately, two directors indicated they wished to resign from the board; the rest agreed to continue. Tom Cox and Ron Foster both had commitments that prevented them from continuing to serve and he thanked each warmly for his past services. Roland Craig reminded members that his responsibilities as District Director for the local district of the Ontario Horticultural Association as well as other interests made it necessary to step down from the office of president. Alan Whitfield told the members that a recent health crisis caused him to recognize it was not wise to continue as treasurer. Both men were willing to continue on the board. Marian Obeda moved and Bill Lovelock seconded that the reduction be approved and that many thanks be extended to the officers and directors for their past services. It was approved unanimously.

Harry McGee continued with the nominating committee report which nominated the following to be elected by this meeting as directors for 2012: Elisabeth Bond, Ken Barks, Richard Cartwright, Roland Craig, Harry McGee, Liz Taylor, and Alan Whitfield, AND the following to be elected by the new board as officers for 2012: Ken Barks, president, Alan Whitfield, vice president, Richard Cartwright, secretary, and Harry McGee, treasurer. Both Messrs Whitfield and McGee indicated they would like to be replaced in their offices as soon as circumstances permit.

The president called three times for additional nominations. There being none, he declared the slate elected by acclamation. (Since all but one of the new board were present, it was concluded the new officers were also acclaimed.)

The president asked the meeting to consider the matter of fees to be paid to the national federation (N-R-C) for the year 2011. The matter was discussed in detail, noting that the fee formula was to contribute $2 per capita. Since it was reported we had 48 members, Liz Taylor moved and Marian Obeda seconded a motion to contribute $100.00 to National-Roses-Canada for the year 2011. The motion was passed unanimously.

There being no further business, Harry McGee moved the meeting be terminated. The meeting was followed by a kitchen party with photos taken cutting the 12th birthday cake.

Submitted by: Harry McGee, acting secretary
Approved by: Roland Craig, president

Treasurer's Report 12 November, 2011
Balance 31 August 2011 $1,811.64
Memberships 80.00
Interest 00.04
Total Receipts $80.04
National-Roses-Canada Dues 100.00
Bulletin, postage, etc. 164.86
Total Expenditures $264.86
Balance 12 November 2011 $1,626.82