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Date: 10 September, 2012
General Meeting

Degroot's Nursery, Sarnia.

President Roland Craig called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m.

1. President Roland Craig welcomed members and guests.

2. Minutes of 12 March, 2011.
Motion: To approve the Minutes as distributed. Moved: Richard Cartwright. Seconded: Bill Lovelock. Carried.

3. Treasurer's Report.
Balance April 30, 2011 $1,534.55
Bus Deposit 100.00
Bus Trip 696.65
Miscellaneous 196.32
Total Expenses 992.97
Memberships 70.00
Bus Trip 1,200.00
Interest 0.06
Total Receipts 1,270.06
Balance September 10, 2011 $1,811.64
Motion: To approve the Treasurer's Report. Motion: Al Whitfield. Seconded: Roland Craig. Carried.

4. Bus Trip.
Pickering Nurseries Inc. had a rose festival this year. It could be a destination in the future.

5. Poker Garden Tour.
Roland thanked Ken Barks for organizing the garden tour. Next time, there could be two or three gardens near each other on the same day. The results were given for each person who drew cards at the gardens. Ken had a full house and a high hand. He won a potted 'Liebeszauber' rose as a prize.

6. Palatine Fruit & Roses Catalogue.
Palatine and Pickering both have their catalogues online. Kordes has informed Palatine that they can no longer offer Freelander roses to the public. They will only be available to cut flower and wholesale businesses. The society can order them only for Spring 2012. Roland passed around a list of the varieties. It will be on our society's website. The Kordes Fairytale rose 'Red Riding Hood' will be sold through the Ontario Horticultural Association as the '1812 Rose'. Palatine needs cuttings from popular Old Garden Roses for propagation so that these varieties can be added to their catalogue.

7. '010' Kordes Rose.
Roland has been test growing a yellow Cluster-Flowered rose for two years. It has now been scrapped by Kordes. 'BLIXM' ('Glacier Fairy') is being test grown by Roland this year.

8. Bill Lovelock's Roses.
The September 2011 issue of the Bulletin listed 27 varieties of roses that he is giving away.

9. Australian Roses.
Roland gave a PowerPoint demonstration showing 103 images of roses grown at Ross Roses in Queensland, Australia. Roland had received a calendar and CD-ROM showing their roses. They would like to have them distributed in North America. Roland has contacted Pickering Nurseries about them. There was a question about import requirements by the Canadian government.

10. National-Roses-Canada.
Harry McGee has been traveling across Canada trying to establish rose societies. He visited White Horse and Dawson City in the North. He would like to have societies in Regina and Saskatoon since the Saskatchewan Rose Society folded. He also wants groups in Moncton, New Brunswick and Bridgeport, Nova Scotia. Nelda Coffin, who was recently given the N-R-C Octogenarian Award, has passed-away.

11. Explorer Roses.
Eric Unmuth of Baden, Austria is trying to amass a collection of all of Dr. Felicitas Svejda's roses. Roland has provided him with budwood of the 'Royal Edward' rose.

12. Rosefest,
After a refreshment break to allow voting, the results were announced.
Class 1 Single Roses 'Golden Wings' Roland Craig
Class 2 Near Single Roses 'Nicole' Roland Craig
Class 3 Multipetalled Roses 'Aachener Dom' Richard Cartwright (tie) 'Special Occasion' Liz Taylor
Class 4 Multipetalled Roses with side buds 'The Conservatory Rose' Julie Barks
Class 5 Multipetalled Roses in sprays 'The Delaney Sisters' Julie Barks
Class 6 Multipetalled rose with confused, quartered or cupped conformation 'The Prince' Roland Craig
Class 7 Climbing and Rambling Roses 'Dublin Bay' Julie Barks
Class 8 Miniature Roses 'Little Sunset' Roland Craig
There were 70 entries.

13. Annual General Meeting.
Saturday, 12 November, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. at Harry McGee's house, 41 Outer Drive, Lambeth.

14. Adjournment at 2:58 p.m. Moved: Bill Lovelock. Seconded: Julie Barks.