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Date: 3 November, 2012
The Annual General Meeting

Carnegie Room, St.Thomas Public Library, St.Thomas.

Acting as chairman, Vice President Al Whitfield called the meeting to order at 1: 25 p.m.

1. Vice President Al Whitfield welcomed members and guests.

2. Minutes of 1 September, 2012.
Motion: To approve the Minutes as distributed. Moved: Richard Cartwright Seconded: Bill Lovelock. Carried.

3. Treasurer's Report.
The treasurer, Harry McGee, reported that the Bank of Montreal Business Banking Statement for the period ending 1 October 2012, indicated our balance stood at $1,751.92. To this must be added $30.00 received in membership fees today. Accordingly the Wm. Saunders Rose Society total assets are now $1,781.92. There are no other assets to report. Motion: To approve the Treasurer's Report. Moved: Harry McGee. Seconded: Roland Craig. Carried.

4. Rose Display.
Al Whitfield and Anne Walker brought roses from their gardens. Alan had five roses which included 'Belle Époque', 'Elina', 'Queen Elizabeth', and 'The Fairy'. Anne showed 'Eliza' (Freelander), 'Lillian Austin', 'Gertrude Jekyll’, and five unknown pinks.

5. 'Gardens of the World' DVD (ISBN: 0-7697-8384-8, distributed by KULTUR of West Beach, N.J.).
In the absence of a video projector, Anne Walker brought her laptop computer in order to play the DVD. It showed some of the most famous rose gardens in the world.

6. Harry McGee told about his experiences being the guest speaker for Rose Day at the Devonian Botanical Gardens near Edmonton in July.

7. Nominating Committee Report.
Harry McGee asked three times for any nominations from the floor. There were none. Motion: to approve the Nominating Committee Report as presented. Moved: Harry McGee. Seconded: Bill Lovelock. Carried.

8. Executive Meeting.
Motion: to appoint following as the officers of the society: Elisabeth Bond, President; Alan Whitfield Vice President; Richard Cartwright, Secretary; and Harry McGee, Treasurer. Moved: Harry McGee. Seconded: Roland Craig. Carried.

9. Resumption of the Annual General Meeting.

10. Any Other Business.
a. Roland Craig received an e-mail from Bonita Cattel who lives in Toowoomba near Brisbane, Australia, who sent an image of the Canadian heritage rose ‘Agnes’ growing in her garden. She and her husband had visited the St.Thomas rose show and stayed at Roland Craig’s home in June of 2010 while travelling across Canada. b. Dues to National-Roses-Canada.
Motion: to pay $100.00 as dues to N-R-C. Moved: Bill Lovelock. Seconded: Liz Taylor. Carried. N-R-C is celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the arrival of rose breeder Isabella Preston to Canada. A garden honouring her plant breeding work (crabapples, irises, lilacs, lilies, and roses) is being established at the University of Guelph.
c. Steve Elkerton has been giving away some of his roses in London.
d. A summer event at a large, centrally located rose garden hosted by the society in 2013 has been suggested by Elisabeth Bond to attract members.

11. Door Prizes.
Liz Taylor was able to get three door prizes donated to the society. Richard Cartwright won a Degroot’s Nursery gift certificate. Al Whitfield won garden gloves.

12. Termination at 3:15 p.m.

Nominating Committee Report
Pursuant to item 7 of the Minutes of the General Meeting of 1 September 2012, the Chair of the Nominating Committee, Harry McGee, appointed past president Roland Craig and director Elisabeth Bond to form a Nomination Committee to nominate a slate of directors for 2013 and a slate of officers for 2013. The Committee nominated for directors: Elisabeth Bond, Alan Whitfield, Richard Cartwright, Harry McGee, Roland Craig, Elizabeth Taylor, and Anne Walker. Each nominee was contacted and agreed to stand. The nominated directors will be submitted for election by the members at the General Meeting. The Committee also nominated Elisabeth Bond for President, Alan Whitfield for Vice president, Richard Cartwright for Secretary and archivist, and Harry McGee for treasurer. Each nominee agreed to stand. The nominated officers will be submitted for election by the new Board of Directors.