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Date: 23 March, 2013
The Spring Meeting

The president, Elisabeth Bond, called the meeting to order at 1:10 in the Carnegie Room in the St. Thomas Public Library. Also present were: Linda Holmes (a recent novice prize winner), Bill Lovelock, Harry McGee, Elizabeth Taylor, Anne Walker and Alan Whitfield. Regrets from Roland Craig who is in Barrie today, Richard Cartwright who has illness in family, and Eileen Young who encountered a last minute problem. Mary Kernohan was present as an invited guest.

The president asked Harry McGee to take minutes in absence of the secretary. She asked for approval of the minutes of the General Meeting of 3 November 2012. Harry McGee moved and Liz Taylor seconded that they be approved as mailed to the membership, and they were approved unanimously.

The president asked for the treasurer’s report. Anne Walker reported that with the receipt today of a $10.00 membership fee, the balance now stood at $1,751.98. She moved this be accepted, Bill Lovelock seconded and it was approved unanimously.

The president asked for a report on National-Roses-Canada. Our society-rep to the federation, Harry McGee, noted that the end of the federation’s fiscal year was at hand – 31 March 2013. He advised that the federation would be marking in 2013 the 110th birthday of Robert Simonet, one of Canada’s important rose hybridizers who worked in Edmonton. He said he had appealed to the Management of the Devonian Botanic Garden to create a garden dedicated to Mr Simonet’s roses, and had an indication they would try to do this next year. That may get moved ahead to this year, according to influential friends.

The president then reviewed all the projects we have planned for this year:

Four members set up a table at Seedy Saturday, handed out brochures, answered questions and sold books.

Our handouts were distributed at the Spring Garden Show in Stratford. Harry McGee will get more handouts printed.

Canadale Spring Fling: Preparations proceeding.

Early Blooming Rose Show at Rosebank: members were asked to attend with their roses and to bring folding chairs. President will invite patrons and Whitfield family. Host received permission to turn the event into an Early Canadian Radio Exhibit as a contingency in event spring turns out to be unseasonably late and early roses are delayed and few in number.

Rose Garden Open House: Planning proceeding.

Bus Trip to Pickering and Toronto Botanical Garden: Location of restaurant for dinner is Grand Valley Golf Club in Cambridge. All trippers are to be advised they must be self-insured, and to bring a bag lunch. Bus will pick up at Lambeth United Church parking lot, and at Quality Inn in Woodstock. Price is $60.00 per person.

September Rose Show in Sarnia: Bill Lovelock was tasked with making reservation. (After the meeting he confirmed it was reserved for 1 pm on 7 September 2013 at DeGroot’s Nursery.)

AGM in November: Richard Cartwright is tasked to reserve St. Thomas Library.

The president asked Harry McGee to lead a discussion about the matter of the Rayner Rose Garden. He explained that an ad hoc committee of the board visited the site after the Seedy Saturday event, 9 March 2013. He presented a diagram of the layout and described the problems involved if we offer to restore it as a rose garden. He asked guest Mary Kernohan to tell the meeting about the 50 roses her sister in Kintore would contribute. Alan Whitfield was asked who would authorize moving Fairgrounds roses. Harry McGee recommended ‘The Fairy’ from Steve Elkerton for the Inner Sanctum. Lis Bond will cement the offer of the Fanshawe students with Lucas M _______. The meeting concurred in sending the proposal to the Mayor since he enunciated the Adopt-A-Park policy. Harry McGee provided a draft letter proposal. (Copy attached.) It was agreed that Lis Bond would soften the language and take the proposal to the Mayor. If the City accepts the offer, it must be soon, and work must begin in April.

The president asked Harry McGee to speak to the meeting. He gave a short address on the subject of Hulthemia or Rosa persica. (Copy attached.)

A board meeting is planned in April, to meet at Rosebank on April 20.

The meeting terminated at 3:50 pm and the members enjoyed light refreshments courtesy of Anne Walker.