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Date: 7 September, 2013
The Autumn Meeting

Present: Faith Archer, Elisabeth Bond, Roland Craig, Lynda Holmes, Bill Lovelock, Harry McGee, Roland and Sandra Papineau, Elizabeth Taylor, John Vanden Hoven and Alan Whitfield. Communities represented include Sarnia, London, Ingersoll, Brightís Grove, Lambeth and Mount Brydges.

The president, Elisabeth Bond, acted as chairman and called the meeting to order at 1:30 pm. She advised that the secretary, Richard Cartwright, had advised he was unable to be present owing to a family function, and she asked Harry McGee to act as secretary. She welcomed eleven members of the Society to the meeting which featured the annual September rose show.

The treasurerís report of current bank balance was read by the secretary. He moved its adoption, seconded by Roland Craig. It was adopted unanimously.

In the matter of the membership fees owing to National-Roses-Canada, Bill Lovelock moved and Liz Taylor seconded that the Wm Saunders Rose Society contribute an amount of $100.00 to the federation and this was approved unanimously.

The chair reminded members that their membership fees should be paid, and she advanced her own ten dollars. She also explained the pamphlets on display, and advised members to contribute photos of the yearís activities to the president for preparation of an on-line jpg.

There was a discussion about Japanese beetles and defence mechanisms. These included traps, (good) nematodes, and tobacco sweepings.

The president gave a status report on the Rayner Rose Garden project. She noted that when she was working one day on the site, she observed that our Kintore and Western Fair plantings were blooming without attack from Japanese beetles while the other roses planted by the city were heavily infested. This absurdity brought laughter. Harry McGee moved a vote of thanks to Eiisabeth for cultivating the roses we planted and it was approved by heavy sustained applause.

The chair gave a summary of the successful Rose Garden Party held at Rose Haven and thanked Roland Craig for hosting it. The crushing news emerged that Rose Haven was up for sale.

The chair announced that the projected bus tour had to be cancelled for lack of sufficient numbers. Only 17 subscribed. Causes were discussed. People who enlisted will have their fees returned.

The chair reminded members of the Annual General Meeting to be held on 2 November 2013 at 1:00 in the St. Thomas Library. This is an important last meeting of the year at which the 2014 board of directors will be elected. A speaker will entertain.

There was a suggestion made to send Sarnia radio stations a brief on growing roses.

The meeting terminated at 2:30 pm., and everyone present was handed eight nickels to be used to vote for their best liked rose entry in each of the eight categories of roses in the show. There were 68 entries and the winner by popular choice was tied between Sandra Papineau and Liz Taylor who shared the ten dollar prize.