Trialog Associates Limited has provided contract consulting services in information technology since 1986.

TRIALOG services encompass a broad range of system platforms including IBM mainframe, TANDEM, Windows, UNIX, LINUX and CDC Cyber systems. TRIALOG also has considerable depth in communications protocols such as SNA, X.25, TCP/IP, SDLC, HDLC and BSC.

The scope of TRIALOG services includes planning and architecture, applications design, network design, configuration, performance measurement, systems tuning and problem diagnosis.

This page is an experiment to explore the application of CSS2 style sheets to replace the use of tables in page layout. The navigation buttons, for example are flowable in-line structures. This means that buttons can be added without re-designing a table. The buttons will also flow to the next line if the page is re-sized. When a table is used, cells are usually clipped when the page is re-sized. Style sheets are also used to simplify the generation of columns and reduce the number of tags required to generate column paragraphs. Columns generated by styles sheets are re-flowable when the page is re-sized.