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1/48th Scale Aircraft Gallery

This is Tamiya's 1/48th scale Fairey Swordfish with the photo etch bracing wire set. An absolutely awesome kit - about the only thing Tamiya left out was the rigging wires for the rudder and elevators. Apart from the PE set, the only thing I added was 2lb monofilament for those rigging wires and the antennae wires. After painting with Tamiya acrylic paints, I gave it a coat of Future acrylic floor wax for the decals and a panel line wash and then finally a clear flat coat. The panel wash technique was described an article by Paul Boyer in the November 2001 issue of Fine Scale Modeler. It was quick and very easy - I will definitely be including this it in all my future projects!!

Model built for Alan in London, Ontario


Monogram Typhoon

Monogram's 1/48th scale Hawker Typhoon 1B with D-Day Invasion stripes and markings from Arrow Graphics for a RCAF Tiffy from 440 Squadron. Improvements in the cockpit include some True Details photo-etch rudder pedals and seatbelts. I painted on the D-Day stripes before masking them off and spraying the rest of the aircraft using Gunze acrylics.

Model built for Alan in London, Ontario

AM Avenger

"Turkey in the Rough" or "Hole in One"

This is Accurate Miniatures 1/48 Grumman Avenger TBM-3 kit # 3406 with the BelcherBits resin conversion kit for the Royal Canadian Navy AS-3 variant.
From the beginning this model was intended as a surprise birthday present for my brother, who was the pilot of the real aircraft shown in the photo.
It was March 1953, at HMCS Shearwater near Halifax NS. Turkey #323 sat on the ramp after having a major engine overhaul and was in need of a test flight. The pilot and the mechanic who did the engine work, who also had NEVER flown in an airplane before, were soon at altitude over the Atlantic when, at full throttle, the throttle linkage froze and broke. These aircraft " ... had the gliding characteristics of a rock," so faced with ditching in Peggy's Cove or a wheels up landing in the Chester golf course, he picked the golf course. The result is shown in that b&w photo.
The AM kit is truly a wonderful kit but to duplicate that photo, I had to do a lot of minor surgery. The AM interior is very nicely detailed but a lot of the rear Observer's area detail was replaced with BelcherBits resin parts. Up front, the instrument panel received Waldron gauges and photoetch seatbelts were added to the seats.
On the outside, the flaps and elevators were cut out, boxed in where necessary and repositioned. The rudder attaches separately so I just had to glue it at the proper angle. The engine mounts had to be shortened, prop tips bent and the cowl modified to get that crumpled look. This particular AM kit does not include rocket launching rails, so "zero length" rails had to be scratch built. I painted the exterior with Gunze acrylics and as for decals, Mike at Belcher Bits was kind enough to supply me with the artwork for the correct serial number and radio call number so I could make my own decals for this aircraft.
The base was constructed mostly with model railroad scenic materials and the trees were all placed according to the three b&w photos I had as reference. When I was completely finished the project, I had a 3-day window to take some photos then carefully pack it in a box and ship it to British Columbia. It arrived safely the day before his 76th birthday. Boy, was he ever surprised!
Because of its quality and attention to detail, this is absolutely the nicest kit I have ever worked on! Combined with the BelcherBits set for a Canadian prototype and the relationship to me of the subject aircraft, this project ranked a definite "10"!!

Model built for Jim in North Vancouver, British Columbia


This model won the November 2001 "People's Choice Award" 
in Zeljko Segin's "Best Model of the Month" contest.

Monogram Dauntless

Monogram's 1/48 scale Douglas Dauntless SBD-3 dive bomber as it appeared during the Battle of the Coral Sea in May 1942. The deck is made from wooden scribed siding from Northeastern Scale Models and the tie-downs are long stips of decal film that were made from artwork on my computer and photocopieid onto decal film.
Photography Lesson # 161 - Never take a model picture when it's snowing!

Model built for Alan in London, Ontario

Hobbycrafts Me 109E-3

This is Hobbycraft's Me-109E-3 painted in tropical colours using AeroMaster's RLM Warbird Colors. This picture was taken indoors under flourescent lighting with daylight film in the camera, because of weather conditions outside at the time. Therefore the colours are not shown here accurately.

Model built for Alan in London, Ontario

Monogram Mosquito Mk IV

This De Haviland Mosquito Mk IV fighter bomber is from Monogram. Markings for this aircraft are of the 105 Squadron. I used Model Master's FS36440 Flat Gull Gray for the undersides, FS36230 Dark Gull Grey and FS34079 Dark Green for the upper surfaces.

Model built for Alan in London, Ontario

Monogram Spitfire

This is Monogram's Spitfire Mk II in Douglas Bader's markings with Model Master paints. This is built SOB, except I opened the pilots entry door on the side of the cockpit. This is another picture that had to be taken indoors with daylight film. This time under incandescent lighting.

Model built for Doug in London, Ontario

Hawker Hurricane

This is the Airfix Hawker Hurricane MkI with the addition of Eduard's photo-etch cockpit and landing flaps details.

Model built for Alan in London, Ontario