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1/72nd Scale Aircraft Gallery

This is Hasegawa's P-51B Mustang in 1/72 scale. The model was finished as "U've Had It!", the aircraft flown by Captain John England of the 362nd Fighter Squadron during the summer of 1944. Captain England was the 2nd leading Ace of the 357th Fighter Group with 17 1/2 Victories. To learn more about the 357th F.G. check out the Old Crow website.

   Additions to the model included True Details photo-etched seatbelts and rudder pedals and stainless steel tubing replacing the gun barrels. 

   Model built for Fred in Greenville, South Carolina


Here we have Hobbycraft's 1/72nd scale Canadair CT-114 Tutor with markings of the RCAF 431st Air Demonstration Squadron's Snowbirds from Arrow Graphics.

There is currently a petition being organized to send to Ottawa to preserve the Snowbirds by getting them new aircraft. Learn more by following the link below.

"The Snowbirds are one of only three military aerobatic teams in the world to fly jets in nine-plane formations and the only nine-plane military jet team in the Western Hemisphere. In this elite group, the Snowbirds reflect a modern, professional, high performance image of Canada's military - and our country - that domestic and international audiences have come to expect. Research has also shown that military jet teams are key attractions for air show spectators. New jets will address cost and safety issues associated with maintaining the 40-year-old Tutors while ensuring that the Snowbirds continue to provide a meaningful contribution to Canada's air show community. Anything less than a full complement of nine new jets would diminish the Snowbirds' reputation both domestically and internationally, erode their economic contribution, and degrade their role as a recruiting vehicle for Canada's armed forces."

Click to Help the Snowbirds by signing the petition being sent to the Canadian government.

Model built for Kathleen in London, Ontario


Testors C-119 Flying Boxcar

Testors 1/72 Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar with RCAF Air Transport Command markings from Arrow Graphics. The interior cargo area is completely detailed and has a palletized load suggestive of an Arctic resupply mission. The five figures in the diorama are from an Esci NATO Pilots and Ground Crew set. The model was completed as a retirement gift for a co-worker who used to jump out of "Dollar 19's" during his days in the "Airborne".

Model built for Scott in London, Ontario

MOTM Award
Winner of Johnny Pederson's What's on the Worktop "Model of the Month Contest" for December 1998.

Hobbycraft CF-105 Arrow

Hobbycraft's 1/72 Avro CF-105 Arrow with twin 3/8" acrylic rods for support. This is Arrow #1 as she looked during her last flight, on the afternoon of February 19, 1959. The next day the Government canceled the Arrow program and changed forever the aerospace industry in Canada.
I finished this model one day before the 40th anniversary of her last flight.

Model built for Alan in London, Ontario

Airfix Lancaster

Airfix 1/72 Avro Lancaster with decals from Arrow Graphics. A flying tribute to Pilot Officer Andrew Mynarski VC, the Mynarski Memorial Lancaster is located at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
The quote from Pat Brophy, the surviving tail gunner reads:
"I'll always believe that a divine providence intervened to save me because of what I had seen, so that the world might know of a gallant man who laid down his life for a friend."

Model built for Alan in London, Ontario

Mimicraft B-17F

Academy/Minicraft's 1/72 Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress with markings by SuperScale for the Memphis Belle from the 91st BG, 324th BS. All of the machine guns have scratch built ammo belts and the barrels have been replaced with hypodermic tubing. All control surfaces have been relocated the landing flaps have been opened and an Eduard photo-etch flap set installed inside. 

Model built for Ulrich in London, Ontario

MOTM Award

Winner of Johnny Pederson's What's on the Worktop "Model of the Month Contest" 
for October 1998.