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1/144th Scale Aircraft Gallery

CHSS-2 Sea King from HS50 - HMCS Bonaventure 1965

The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) operated a total of 41 Sikorsky CHSS-2 Sea Kings, the first of which were taken on strength at Shearwater on 24 May 1963. Although the components were manufactured by Sikorsky in the United States, all but the first four were assembled in Canada by United Aircraft Ltd. in Montreal. The CHSS-2 was a major improvement over its predecessor, the HO4S-3. The Sea King served with:

  • HS 50 - the operational anti-submarine warfare squadron; 

  • HU 21 - the helicopter training and utility (including carrier on-board delivery) squadron;  

  • VX 10 - the squadron responsible for engineering development and testing. 

The Sea King operated at sea from both the aircraft carrier HMCS Bonaventure and from helicopter destroyer escorts (DDH's). The carrier normally embarked four to six Sea Kings along with the normal complement of Trackers and a single HO4S plane guard. The St.Laurent and Annapolis class DDH's carried one helicopter whereas the larger Tribal Class DDH's embarked two Sea Kings.

Sea Kings in their original RCN dark sea gray and light gray colour scheme were painted day-glo orange on the nose and tail to make them easily recognizable during joint sea-air anti-submarine exercises.

This is a 1/144 scale F-Toys Sikorsky Sea King that was originally painted in the overall white Japanese scheme. I stripped off all of the original paint and opened the windows on the fuselage and cargo doors. 

As a companion to this model, I have another F-Toys Sea King that I will finish in the current FIP style markings. This will give me a small scale example of the beginning and the end of the long Sea King saga.

 Model built for Bill in London, Ontario

1841 Squadron Corsair IV of H.M.S. Formidable 
Flown by Lieutenant (N) Hampton Gray VC, DSC, RCNVR  from Nelson BC. 

On August 9th 1945, Lt. Hampton Gray RCNVR was leading an attack on Japanese shipping in Onagawa Bay, Japan, when furious fire was opened on the aircraft from army batteries on the surrounding hillsides and from at least eight warships in the bay. Lieutenant Gray selected an enemy destroyer for his target and he swept in, oblivious of the concentrated fire, and made straight for his target. His aircraft was hit repeatedly, but he pressed on with the attack. As he neared the destroyer his plane caught fire but he continued to within fifty feet of the Japanese ship to drop his bombs. He scored at least one direct hit and the destroyer sank almost immediately. Lieutenant Gray's flaming aircraft was observed crashing  into Onagawa Bay. For this action he was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross. This was to be the last Victoria Cross awarded to a Canadian and the only one ever awarded to a member of the Canadian Navy.

Later that same afternoon, 40 Wildcats from the U.S. forces attacked the remaining ships in Onagawa Bay, adding additional damage and sinking several more ships. While these attacks were going on, an American B-29 dropped the second atomic bomb, on Nagasaki.

Ironically, the Formidable's aircraft returned to Onagawa Bay a few hours later to continue with the attack and avenge the death of Lt. Gray. On the return approach to the carrier from this second attack, Lt. G.A. Anderson's aircraft engine faltered as it ran out of fuel and the plane hit the aft roundover and he was killed. Lieutenant Anderson was the last Canadian to die in WWII. 

On the evening of August 10, 1945, the Japanese accepted the terms of surrender.

The model is a 1/144 scale Bandai Wing Club Corsair that I completely disassembled and stripped off the USN paint and markings. I then rebuilt the kit and trimmed 1.5mm off each wing tip as per FAA Corsairs.  The model was then repainted overall Glossy Sea Blue with a smidge of white added for scale effect and finished with the decal set from Arrow Graphics.

 Model built for Bill in London, Ontario


This is the Academy  P-51D Mustang in RCAF markings with Bare Metal Foil covering the fuselage and wings. Red search markings were painted on the outer wingtips and horizontal stabilizers with Model Master Guards Red and all control surfaces were painted with Model Master Aluminum Metalizer and buffed.

 Model built for Bill in London, Ontario



A MiG-28 from the movie "TOP GUN". Actually it is a F-5E by Dragon in 1/144th scale. There were three F-5E's and one F-5F from NFWS painted in this special black scheme for the movie. Since MiG numbers are all odd numbers, the -28 was purely fictitious. My thanks to Ron Gardiner for his help with the special markings! 

This model won a second place in the "aircraft smaller than 1/72nd" category at the 2000 Southern Ontario Scale Model Show.

 Model built for Bill in London, Ontario

Dragon F-14A

Dragon/DML F-14A Tomcat CAG VF-21 "Freelancers" in 1/144th scale. 

This model won second place in the "1/100 and smaller aircraft" category at the 1998 London IPMS contest and third place in the "aircraft smaller than 1/72nd" category at the 2000 Southern Ontario Scale Model Show. 

Model built for Bill in London, Ontario

Dragon F-14A

Academy F-111 Aardvark in 1/144th scale.

Model built for Bill in London, Ontario