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Yvon Sheridan is a Financial Advisor. He was a Contributing Columnist for "World Global Investment News" and a Specialist on Gold for ten years. He published a fifty page study on "South African Gold Mines" which was distributed by the South African Embassy (Ottawa) to a private list, throughout the world. He was also a regular as "Analyst of the week" for the Financial Times of Canada. He was regularly interviewed by the Northern Miner, Finance, "Les Affaires", Radio and Television. He was also an Executive Vice-President and Vice-President Finance for two gold mining companies listed on the Vancouver Stock Exchange and a Vice-President Marketing for a gold mining company listed on the Montreal Stock Exchange, a Vice-President of a private mining company and President of his own mining company.

He has worked throughout Canada, France, Germany and Turkey. He has spent four and a half (4 1/2) years on the (Distant Early Warning Radar Line) D.E.W line at the north pole as a Radar and Air controller, Radar specialist and Meteorological technician.

Since 1988, he has invested  e x c l u s i v e l y  in American and Canadian Convertible bonds and Market - Neutral Hedge program with Convertible bonds. He has designed and managed convertible bond portfolios and hedge programs for private investors, institutions and Pension Funds.

A Financial Advisor since 1977, his specialty for ten years was the Gold and base metal Industry, he has invested in Convertible bonds and Hedge programs exclusively since 1988.  

After 26 years as a Financial Advisor, he has resigned as a Financial Advisor in 2004 .  He is presently established as a private Consultant.  

He has reviewed the "Convertible Hedge Techniques" in the 1994 edition of "The Profit-Taker Breakthrough" by Author Don Abrams.

He is now writing his own book on Canadian and American Convertible Bonds and several Hedge programs.