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January 17, 2005 Posted by EricW

Well again it’s been for ever since I’ve updated the website. So might as well not change too much in this update. Anyhow, good and bad things have happened in the last year or so. Good news is I installed a sp63 turbo, spearco 1080 cfm intercooler and a few other things. Bad news is it’s all sold as I ended up blowing my 7M-GTE. Long story short I helped out a friend find out his cams where not installed (lent him my cps to find this) and it turns out that the shop didn’t have a timing gun so I guessed it when I put my CPS back in after using it on his car and jumped a tooth. Anyways, enough of that…. Better things came form this, I’m now in the process of installing a 1jz-GTE (available only in Japan form 91-92) this beast is 2.5L twin turbo.. However, the twins are a little too small for me, so I bought a SARD twin turbo kit with twin k26 Porsche 911 turbos. Also came with a 4” intercooler and misc other things.

Orin Bivins made 602 RWHP with this kit and I’m hoping for 500 on pump gas.

I’ve also added a SARD Analyze ECU, Greddy JZA70 intercooler, bigger oil cooler, Zietronix ZT2 wideband A/F, Greddy Catch can, Oil filter relocation kit and a few other goodies. This should be one hell of a nice car when it comes out….

I’ve got a bomex whale tail, a JDM rear visor, 5 Zigen Fn01C 17x9 and 17x10 (super light rims), and a full black paint job of Toyota 204 black.

On a side note I’ve made 454 RWHP on the sp63 and the intercooler at 26 PSI. I knew something was up and I did a compression check after only to find that cylinders 6 was down to 120.


Check out the pics section for more Twin turbo pictures.


May 24, 2003 Posted by EricW

I apologize for the long delays with the updates. After much debate and work I have upgraded my stock pea shooter to a t04B 62-1 with P wheel and .84 AR exhaust side and a .70 compressor side.  Since they didn't have a .70 exhaust side I took the .84 which turns out not too spool as bad as I though. I have also installed all the goodies that I had and my fuel problem was solved somewhere along the way. After finally getting to the dyno with the new turbo I have some results which I'm fairly pleased with. My best dyno run was 445.2RWHP and 474.4 TQ this was done at 22 PSI of boost however, the boost was not able to hold to redline and fell off to 16-17 PSI. I believe there are 3 places causing this.  First is the STOCK intercooler, lower hard ic pipe which is 2 1/4" crush bent (main restriction) and the last restriction is the 3000 pipe since all the rest of the intercooler pipes are 2.5" mandrel bent. I believe I'm pushing that stock IC more then it would like to go but these are damn impressive numbers for the stock IC considering people believed it would never go much pass 300RWHP.  I am in total agreement with John Ludsford regarding the stock intercooler actually being a very decent unit stock and where the problem lies is in the piping. I did add Xylene for the first time to the tank for the last few dyno runs to see if it was making any difference. I do not believe I was detonating at all with the Ultra 94 that was in the tank, and I just wanted to turn up the boost with the Xylene however, with the restriction in the IC pipes was not able to go anything above 20 PSI unless it was a spike.  I'm finally in the process of putting the car back together since I also picked up one unexpected goodie along the way which was Eibach springs. I'm impressed with the nice smooth ride it gives with my Tems Tokico's but I do have one beef. They actually ride higher then my stock cut springs that came with the car. I may later in time look at getting a set of H&R's for the nice aggressive look it gives the mk3.

Another note I should add is I went on a polishing craze when installing the turbo and I hand polished my valve covers, intake manifold and Lexus AFM. I also will be adding new pictures to the pictures section with newer pictures of my Engine bay.  

** Check back later I will also have a video of the dyno **

Feb 5, 2003 Posted by EricW

Well I guess it was about time for a update. :D Well after a bunch of little problems like EGR gasket blowing, transmissions dieing and other misc things I was able to get the car running pretty damn well. The new engine I picked up had 150-155 across the board APR studs and MHG and I was all set. I was able to dyno 307 RWHP and 406 TQ with the stock turbo, stock intercooler, and 550 CC injectors.  (Injectors where not needed but I had a big problem with not enough fuel and it turned out to be my fuel filter) Since that dyno in fall I've ordered a T04B 62-1 with a .70 compressor and .70 Exhaust side, Cartech AFPR, Walbro fuel pump GSS 341, Porterfiled RS4 Pads, SS Break lines and a Greddy E-Manage. With all the new goodies I'm hoping to get into the 500RWHP range on pretty much a stock engine aside from ARP bolts and HKS 1.2mm MHG. I have sold off my 4" downpipe and CT 26 to make room for the new and better equipment. I have also come to the conclusion that the Apexi S-AFC is a much better unit the the HKS S-AFR since it will keep fuel econemy because to the high and low fuel maps with out this if you're only 3% of throttle on the high way at 120 KPH you'll be at about 3000 RPM and the AFR will add what ever specified amount you have added for 3000.  The S-AFR will not add until you pass the high throttle threshold which is set in the S-AFC unit. 

With the Downpipe and the dump installed I gained 30RWHP and 60FT of torque by just opening the dump over running though my HKS 65 MM exhaust with generic cat. This is a HUGE gain and I was very happy with the results.  The guy I sold it to has a stock exhaust and will net even larger gains. With the Dump open and boost control off I dynoed 274 RWHP and 305 RWTQ Check out the NEW section I just added called DYNO.

Any news that was on this page before has now gone in to a new area called Archive. Right now I have just set it up for yearly archives however, if the posts become to large I will split them to bi yearly. 

2003 seems to be a good year to own a mk3 since much more aftermarket support has been sourced as well as many cars that where down last year will appear at the major meets. I plan to attend Dayton once again this year and also New Jersey since I've never been to NJ. It's a given that I will be in attendance to the Toronto 2003 meet.

*** I have also added some new engine bay pictures ***